Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Internet Gems...

As I recapped earlier in the week, I had a blast at my childhood friend's Bachelorette Party over the weekend.  The icing on the cake was that the oh-so-stylish (she's an accessories editor) bride was so kind to gift all the girls who came a piece of jewelry from ShopTheLook.Net.

I had never heard of the site, but the fun pieces are super reasonable on the wallet and if you spend $20, shipping is only $1.98 using code SHIPSAVE06. And if you spend $50, shipping is free... can you tell shipping is my nemesis??

Similar to F21, a lot of the pieces have been inspired by their more expensive counterparts, but here you can stock up on the play things for way less...

Like the Chan Luu bracelet I found steals for last week, here is another look-a-like in orange for $14
Beaded Wrap Bracelet - Shop the Look $14

Or this necklace that is similar in style to Anthro's Double Torsado Necklace for $28,

Looped Beaded Necklace - Shop The Look $18

And aside from the 'inspired by' pieces, there are plenty of other cool (and affordable) baubles that would be so fun to own.

(looks like a Banana Republic necklace that was available last winter for 3x the price!)

Do you know of any "internet gems" (pun intended), please share in the comments below!


  1. That last necklace looks like an "inspired" Gemma Redux necklace. I love the jewelry, but it is super pricey.
    I've heard of this site, but have never purchase from there before. Other than F21, I might recommend Shop Suey for some inexpensive and interesting pieces.

  2. There are some great finds on the site! I love the orange bracelets...

  3. Great pieces, I can't wait to check out that site! Oddly enough my post today was a wishlist for some "internet gems" from :)

  4. Great E! Thanks so much for yet another place to spend $$$! I really like these pieces, especially the turquoise and stone and India Beau necklaces. Thanks for the great tip!
    I also despise shipping, I have not pulled the trigger on so many things because of the highway robbery shipping prices.

  5. Love Chan Luu because I love this price much better and it looks the same!!

  6. Fshn and Jacki - thanks for the new sites :) and Fshn I totally agree about the Gemma necklace!

    Andi - I won't buy things online if I can't use free shipping codes or ebates... YOU HEAR ME J.CREW!! ::shakes fists in fury::

  7. Gorgeous pieces!!!! Love your picks.

  8. I'm definitely going to check this site out. Shipping is my nemesis too- I can't stand finding a great sale and then having to pay 12 dollars for shipping.

  9. Wow I'm totally book marking that site, I love this jewelry!


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