Thursday, July 1, 2010

[Inspired By] Lily Aldrin, HIMYM

It's a common occurrence for bloggers, or shopaholics in general, to be inspired by looks seen on television - Lauren Conrad of the Hills, Olivia Palermo of The City, Ali Fedotowsky and Jillian Harris of the Bachelorette, even Emma Pilsbury on Glee.

It's a little less common to see in depth online conversation of the style of Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) and Robin Scherbatzky (Cobie Smulders) of How I Met Your Mother.   After years of not tuning in, the Husband and I started a netflix marathon and have been getting through the series on dvd over the last month or two.  We are currently on Season 3.  I frequently find myself loving the wardrobe knowing that a lot of the clothes are DvF, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Anthropologie.

Back in 2008, PopSugar's site, CelebStyle, starting covering these two overlooked gems... but that still leaves Season 1-3 to the virtual unknown (well, unless you stalk HIMYM message boards, which I have been doing because I NEED to know WHO made Lily's tunic in the season 2 episode Swarley)...

After watching this ep, I scoured the internet for nearly a day trying to find the grey blue wrap style kimono sleeve tunic.  The biggest problem is that the episode originally aired in 2006.  

Here are the only pics I've been able to find....

So almost a month has past since watching that episode (a great one, btw) and I still randomly enter different search combinations on polyvore and shopstyle or even google image. I had all but given up... then Monday morning when I logged into Polyvore I saw one of my contact's with this in their set....
It had to be the top, right? The show's costume designer loves Anthropologie, but after a simple seach I realized this was the Tranquil Flow Tunic from this past winter, clearly not yet around in 2006.

So, naturally, this Lily Knock-Off is sold out. So I did want any reasonable stalker would do - I posted on Roxy's "Looking to Buy" Trade Market  and made a cry for help on Polyvore...

After that, I crossed my fingers and did an eBay search... and lucky me!  A Buy-It-Now option, in the grey, in my size!  And the price was almost 50% of the original retail... it was fate, right?!

Surprisingly enough, I slept on it.  I had just bought the Tucker blouse (that hadn't even arrived) and I didn't want to make an impulse purchase.  I read all online reviews, played with some sets of my own on polyvore and then rationally pulled the trigger Tuesday morning...
Thing is, even though I now I can pretend to be the red headed kindergarten teacher, I'm still dying to know who made the original.... curiosity killed the cat.   Anyone have any ideas?

Any HIMYM fans out there?? Have any stories of hunting down a look seen on tv that isn't from one of the 'usual suspects' mentioned above??


  1. Haha Swarley :) I love HIMYM! Swarley is the best ;) and Lily always looks so cute. I want her stylist.

  2. I absolutely love Lily's style. Every episode, I find myself saying "I love her outfit!"

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  4. Hayley - such a great ep... actually season 2 was just awesome in general :) In my search, it seems like the show has two different costume designers seasons 1-3 then another for 4-5 (per IMDB) ;) What a job right?!

    Tara - same here, hence the tunic obsession... I think when the new season starts I'll try to do more inspired by/get the look posts - if for anything a reminder to myself of the outfits I loved...

  5. I love HIMYM :) I'm addicted to the set designs of the show- Marshall and Lily's bedroom and kitchen are awesome! My H and I joke that the stylists for Marshall follow my H around shopping because he and Marshall dress exactly the same. All the time while watching I'm like "hey! that's your shirt!"

  6. The look-alike top really reminds me of my Anthro Diaphanous tunic. Maybe you can search ebay for it! I love it! can't wait to break it out for fall!


  7. I wish I could help you in your search, but I have no clue.
    I got my bf into HIMYM and he love it. We are currently on Season 3 too.

  8. fourthdoor - that's awesome, I love Marshall :) and (aside from Barney's suits) I like how the guys are dressed...

    MsHark - ohhh that tunic is really pretty too, I bought the Tranquil Flow Tunic (the lookalike above) should be here next week, so excited haha.... Kim actually wore the Diaphanous Tunic on Anthroholic yesterday...

    Fshnonmymind - Its a great show, not sure why we haven't gotten into it before. Every ep is hysterical :)


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