Thursday, July 15, 2010

[Fitting Room] Anthropologie Dress Decisions

Yesterday afternoon I headed over to my local Anthropologie to try on the Discovering Lace Dress, Phosphorescent Dress and Impressionist's Dream Dress to see if I could make a decision.

I first tried on the Discovering Lace Dress.  This dress quickly grew on me since it was released last week.  I even tried to style it different ways on polyvore to prove it was as versatile as it was pretty. (...And therefore ok to buy)

However, once it was on, I was left a bit underwhelmed.  Like Carol said in her review on In Pursuit of Pretty Things, I sorta felt it was a bit 'nightgown-ish'.   I still believe with proper styling it'd be cute, but it def has become a "sale" only item for me.

Next up, I tried the Phosphorescent Dress.  It was marked down on Tuesday from $138 to $69.95.  I actually really liked the cut of this dress and its faux-wrap style.  My biggest complaint is that it is cotton and therefore, I feel, more casual.  It would still be cute for an engagement party or any other fun event that isn't too dressy, yet requires a cute fun dress...  Also, because I'm quite small up top, the dress would need some taking in.  Busty girls rejoice, a great strapless option for you!

Next was the Impressionist's Dream Dress.  I've tried this one before.  I really like it, yet it has two drawbacks - 1. it's full price of $178 (I'm trying to save money here folks, Fall is almost upon us) and 2. I'm constantly pulling it down.  The waist band is sort of inbetween being empire or at my natural waist.  If I pull it down, the bust area fits better.  If it rides up, then there is more fabric there than necessary.  

In addition to those 3 dresses, I grabbed the Fei Pampas Dress (no longer online, but plenty in stores -  call CS).  This dress received it's second mark down to $39.95 (retailed at $158) so I figured, why not??  They were out of my usual size 0 so I tried the 2.  It actually fit great. 
I decided to buy this dress as well as order a 0 from another store to be mailed to me to compare.  I should also note, this dress is most likely not selling because of its terrible side zipper.  The elastic waistband pulls the zipper in the opposite direction making it very difficult to zip up over that portion.  Once it is up, there are no problems.

I also decided to take home the Phosphorescent Dress to show the Husband and have him give me his opinion on the two.  He agreed the Phos Dress was a bit too casual to wear for wedding season, and at this point I'm pretty sure it's going back.    It doesn't seem worth its sale price when adding in the cost of alterations and the fact I don't have a specific event in mind for wearing it.

The Pampas dress I could definitely wear to a wedding and even dress down for a shower by adding a wide brown belt.  Feedback on Looping Lanes vs Snakebite would be appreciated ;)

Any other opinions are always welcome!!


  1. E, wow-that Pampas dress looks soooo good on you! Like, wow! I was planning on wearing it with a studded belt (surprise surprise) LOL, for a more casual look like you mentioned.

    I think that is actually my favorite on you of the bunch, can't beat the price!

  2. Thanks Andi! Depending on how the second one fits when it arrives, I'll probably get the hem brought up a few inches so its more knee length, but other than that, I like the fit... and the Husband liked it so thats always bonus points...

  3. I agree - the Pampas dress looks great on you, and it looks like it would be pretty versatile! I really don't like the shape of the Discovering Lace dress as much as I thought it would - it just kinda hangs there. I think you made the right choice! keep saving for fall, E! you can do it! =D

  4. Eeek! Love the Fei dress. Would you mind giving me the sku number? CS can't search by the name. Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks Mandee!! I really like the DL Dress, but I think its better suited for non-munchkins (aka maybe like 5'4" and over)...

    Julie - The SKU is 18173690 and its printed on the receipt as SLVLS SLK JNGL PRINT if that helps them locate it... my store had at least 5 or 6 on the racks and the store called for the 0 had 10 in stock. Good Luck!!

  6. Thank you! And I forgot to put in my "vote:. The Fei dress looks amazing on you. My next favorite is the strapless one on you.

  7. Ohhh, I understand how you feel, being a mini munchkin. I had a feeling that the Discovering Lace dress would be too much on us, and...I'm still bummed that you proved me right. I love that dress though, ugh. Darn it!

    The Fei dress is GORGEOUS on you, though! Gooorgeous. What an amazing find!

  8. I love the 2nd dress on you!

  9. Thanks Julie!

    Oh Chloe, the woes of being a midget! I think if they came out with a petite version I'd snag it in a second, the dress is so pretty - the silk, the lace, the little bunched pouf shoulders! but its just too sack-like to pull off :( Glad you like the Fei dress, I love when I'm able to snag deal...

    Thanks Jen... I'll keep the Phos dress in my closet for another wk... but sadly, bc its in need of some alterations, I think it needs to find a new home...

  10. I agree with with the others about the Discovering Lace dress, its abit overwhelming for your tiny frame but I love the Fei dress! great post!


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