Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally Mine!

Last weekend I finally took the plunge. 

The previous weekend before that, I had called Zappos to inquire when was the actual purchase date of a pair of shoes I had bought, but had never worn - their policy is 365 days for returns.  Even though the original purchase was made in April 2009 (oops), they still offered me the chance to send back the shoes for a FULL REFUND... um, yeahhh... 

So, since I had purchased the never worn shoes with a gift card (thanks Mom!) I got a store credit.  I knew immediately as I got my online credit code I was going to be using it at their sister site - Zappos Couture - to order the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo.  I had been sweating this bag for the entire month of July... so with coupon code in hand I got my bag for less than retail.

It was especially nice to come home to my puppies, my husband, AND my nice new smooshy bag this week.

Can't wait for Fall and cooler weather! 

I also want to send some hugs and wet pupper kisses to Zappos' Customer Service... you rock!


  1. Yay! Congrats!! The Hillier is a great everyday bag. You'll love it. Props to Zappos. Gotta love their excellent customer service.

    Janice (Couture & Crayons)

  2. So awesome E! You will use that so much for so many years to come, great buy!!

  3. I have some serious bag envy right now! I've been eying that bag for months now but just can't bring myself to spend the money. I got a similar bag from and just got it this week in the mail. I love it too but not as much as your MJ's bag! Enjoy! =)

  4. Ohhh, congratulations! Yay! I know you've been wanting that bag for awhile! It's just gorgeous! I'm not going to lie - I'm sooo envious - but I'm really happy for you! (I want one! I want one!)

  5. Omg love! That bag is on my "I Want You" list!

  6. yay!!!!! I'm so glad you finally got your bag - you helped me get mine :-)
    We can be bag twins now!

  7. You finally got it! Awesome its beautiful!! You will get so much use out of it!

  8. Thanks Everyone!!

    C&C - I'm sucker for good customer service... and I get pissed when CS sucks - looking at you BR!!

    Andi - It's a great 'everyday' bag, esp for someone who doesn't switch bags often...

    JCHokie - I'd been eyeing the bag since last winter, it was my backup choice to my MAM. I finally got weak this month - HAD TO HAVE IT!!

    Thanks Kathryn, buy 1, do it!

    10Years - I think we are bag twins! You have great taste ;) hahaha

    Kim - It's actually your bag that put me over the edge, true story! After you got yours, I couldn't stop thinking about getting my own :)

    Thanks Ashley and Shoebride!!

  9. CONGRATS!! And yes Zappa is AWESOME!! I JUST got that same bag (in Currant- deep burgundy) myself, I've had it about a week and it is AWESOME!! You will get sooo much use out of it!

  10. Taylor the Currant is gorgeous! I also *love* the dirty martini color, but figured I needed a black bag more then another light colored one. Soo glad to hear you love the bag, I can't stop touching the soft pebbled leather :)

  11. I'm considering this bag, but am petite. Can you post a picture of you holding the bag so I can get a feel for the proportions?

  12. Hi SweeT! I'll try to take some pics tonight for size reference :)


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