Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Poll] Decisions, Decisions....

Wedding Season is upon us... and it's jammed packed with multiple nuptials for us this August.  That means, I'm trying to schedule my dress rotation now

I have a nice little collection of cocktail attire, but having been to 3 weddings last year with the same group of friends that I'll be seeing at 2 of the weddings this year is making me run low in rotation options....  I have 4 weddings between July 31 and Labor Day Weekend.  whew!

I'm planning on wearing a dress similar-ish to the one below, to one or two weddings (both different groups of friends)...
BCBG MAXAZRIA Bubble Hem Dress - Nordstrom $213.90

...then I'm breaking out my Rehearsal Dinner dress for a Labor Day Beach Wedding....
Donna Morgan Water Color Dress (buy similar here)

That leaves me dressless for one of the weddings... whomp whomp

So here are my options....

1.  Buy a more affordable dress (i.e. under $100) that can be reworn to future showers, engagement parties, and bachelorettes' (because I have more of those on the calendar too!).

Hinge® Floral Print Minidress – Nordstrom $78
(I tried this on yesterday.  It's very cute, but I think it would need a belt.  Could easily wear this to a shower or non-cocktail attire event too.)

Phosphorescent Dress - Anthropologie $69.95
(just hit the sale rack this morning)

Gracia Bird Print Ruffle Dress - South Moon Under $88
(not really that dressy, but I like the style and print)

2. Utitlize my Rent the Runway membership, and rent a designer dress I'm too "reasonable" to buy.

Theory Pretty in Pleats Dress - Rent for $75, Buy Here for $415

Catherine Malandrino Spice Me Up Dress - Rent for $75, Retails for $450

Robert Rodriguez Graphic Shoulder Dress - Rent for $50, Buy Here on sale for $166.99

Milly Hippie Princess Dress - Rent for $50, Buy Here for $230

Yigal Azrouël Sky Shoulder Dress - Rent for $100, Retails for $850

3. Buy a dress that I love and fills a current closet void, therefore they'll be no regrets.
Discovered Lace Dress - Anthropologie $158
(I love, love, love this dress.  I don't own one single dress with sleeves and I truly think this will be loved as I age.  I could also easily pair with tights and wear this in November to our last wedding of the year)

Impressionist's Dream Dress - Anthropologie $178
(you may remember me wishlisting this dress a few months ago.  I still love it and could use another non-lbd in the collection.  Also totally fits the 'showers' and 'engagement parties' bill)

So readers, what do you think??  Which is your fav?  What would you do?

If you like an invite to Rent the Runway, please email at ehayes1183 at gmail dot com.


  1. Oooh, love the Hinge and Gracia Bird print! So pretty. Have you rented dresses before?? How does that work? I'd be so afraid of staining; which I am notorious for.

  2. I like dress 1 & 2 of the rewear to showers and dress 2 of the last couple.

  3. My vote is for the phospherescent dress (which I think can be "fall-ed" out too with a more substanstial belt, tights and a jacket) OR the discovered lace dress, since it is so unique and pretty.

    Maybe worth a trip to your local store to try the new pieces on - or buy them since Anthro is offering up the FS?

    The Hinge and Gracia dresses seem more casual and day-appropriate to me, which may limit their wear?

  4. Thanks for the feedback so far!

    Heather - I've read good reviews about RTR. The site says the handle the dry cleaning and you can purchase $5 insurance to cover wine spills or beading loss, etc.

    Jen - I've been loving the Impressionist's dream dress for while... fingers crossed it hits the sale rack soon!

    Lisa - I'm def going to try on the Discovered Lace dress when I see it instore. Like you said, its just so different from anything I own. The only "problem" I have with the Phospherescent dress is that it's cotton, and doesn't look as dressy in real life (as compared to online).... It still would fall in the catagory with other two dresses, but I kinda agree, they aren't best suited for weddings - not that I couldn't wear them, but just not as "cocktail-ish"

  5. Ooh, I really like the Spice Me Up dress! I have never heard of renting dresses, but I like the idea.

  6. I love the discovered lace dress. I think you could get a lot of wear out of it, like you said. So cute!

  7. My friend has the SM Spice Me Up Dress and it's AMAZING!
    I also think it's always a good idea to fill a void in your closet (i.e the longer sleeved dress which you could wear to events all year long).

    You've loved that darn Impressionist's Dream Dress for so long, part of me thinks you should just get it. Plus it's perfect for showers and other events too.

    LOL, that was probably no help! :)

  8. Whoops, I mean CM for Catherine Malandrino! It looks soooo good on her.

  9. Britt - it's a site very similar to Bag Borrow or Steal (the handbag renting site)... email me if you want an invite to Rent the Runway...

    Stephanie - it's growing on me by the minute. My husband just told me he liked it too, which boosts it high up on the list...

    Andi - I'm really hoping the Impress Dream dress hits the sale rack soon, it's got to right? The CM dress and Robert Rodriguez are my faves for the renting, although I like the color and the unique factor to the Yigal..

    oh well, I'm glad I'm doing this now a month or so ahead of time... hopefully I'll make a decision before I'm left nekkid like the bluefly commercial chick....

  10. My favorite is definitely the Phosphorescent Dress - and that's not a bad price either! I'll take any excuse to buy a new dress! I have a wedding to go to the last weekend in August and reading this post is making me want to go buy something to wear (even though I have plenty of options already!)

  11. I like the Anthro dress. I can see it incorporated into fall.

  12. Mom loves the Anthro phos dress...I think it would look so nice on you and is different from a lot of what you already have.

  13. I'm drooling over the Yigal Azrouël dress. When you rent, how long do you get to keep the dress?

  14. Lindsay and Mom - I'm going to see if I can try on the Phos dress today with the Discovering Lace and report back ;)

    Janice - I can totally see you wearing that dress!

    J - I tried that on earlier this week, maybe I'll post pics with the Anthro after I try those on too...

    Ashley - You get to keep the dress for 4 days. Say your event is Saturday, they'll ship you 2 dresses (same dress, 2 different size just in case) it'll arrive Friday and you mail them back Netflix style on Monday :)

  15. I've tried Rent the Runway once before and it was great. I would definitely try it out again for a dressy event that I would rather not go purchase a new dress that will go unworn most of the time.
    I just posted a review of the Discovered Lace dress on my blog. I would recommend that you definitely try it on. It is really lacking in shape, but the lace is a nice touch.
    Since you plan on purchasing a dress that will be worn at several events, I vote for the Phosphorescent dress or the Impressionist's dress as they look fun and don't seem like a one/two season dress.

  16. Awesome news that you liked RTR!

    I actually tried on the Discovered Lace dress today. (I'll check out your review too!) I kinda felt it was a bit nightgowny... I'd buy it on sale, but def not full price.. its too bad, bc it is beautiful...

    I tried on some other pretties ;)

  17. I vote for the Phosphorescent Dress!


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