Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[Wishlist Wednesday] Shifting Seasons...

Now that my Summer Wishlist is becoming real closet inventory, I've been taking notes on new items to add...

However, it's almost July, which means it's almost the end of July, which means Fall collections will be making their debut (yay!).  So I'm going to try to my hardest to resist snagging summery items (unless the discount is too insane to pass up) and dog ear these few fall favorites for now.
Deco Page Cardigan - Anthropologie $98
I saw this in my store when I picked up the Flowering Pasture Blouse.  It wasn't available online at the time, but I've been obsessing about it since.  The store had it styled with an orange top and it looked great.  Thing is, this sweater could go with sooo many other colors.
Field Game Cardigan - Anthropologie $59.99
I've loved this cardigan since it came out months ago... and I could use some red in the rotation 
Lariat Laced Tank - Anthropologie $58
..said orange top that was styled with the Deco Page Cardigan above...

Sunday Supper Shirt - Anthropologie $68
I was over plaid about a month after it was EVERYWHERE last fall... but for some reason I love this little top

Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans - Piperlime $189
yup, more denim

Frye Melissa Button Boots - Zappos $318

Solid Ripstop Field Jacket - J.Crew $98 
... however, this Gap Jacket's price, is totally taunting me!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo - Nordstrom $398
still not sure if I'd want caramel or black, but I love this bag... I loved it when I got my MAM and still would like to have it, just need to save up and pick a color...

Clearly this list will really start to grow when more Fall items make their way to the racks, but I thought this was a good starting point for some items I could use (and another reminder to keep my spending in line for things I really want).


  1. I too have decided not to invest much in the rest of the summer clothes I buy.
    For whatever crazy reason, I've been thinking about boots for the fall/winter. I love those Frye's. My ultimate would be some Chloe boots and I'm hoping it can be a reality this year.
    All of those tops would go great with your collection of jeans (especially the plaid one) and I vote for the tan Hillier. But I might be biased because I just got a tan bag. :)

  2. I have also started to put the brakes on my summer purchases. It's SO easy to get carried, fall fashion is by FAR my fave!

  3. Ah, I get so jealous of anyone that can wear the color red! I can't- with the reddish hair and naturally rosy face, I look like a giant tomato.

    I love the Deco Page Cardigan too- so pretty and girly. *grabby hands*

  4. Fshnonmymind - Thanks for the feedback... its a tough decision :)

    Coley - I totally agree, Fall is by far the best... the weather is perfect for mixing and matching, you can wear everything!

    Chloe - don't be fooled, I can on get away with certain reds... I'm actually really drawn to the navy field game cardi, but I should go for something I don't have, red... I also think because it's striped its not as intense as it could be if it was solid (eep!)

    I'm strongly considering returning my tucker blouse and getting the deco page cardi instead... I wonder about it's sell out risk ??

  5. I stopped buying summer clothes last month! I love fall clothing! Love your pics! I am really wanting a pair of Fryes too. I cannot decide between the Paige riding boots or the Melissa Button!


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