Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winner and Wishlist Wednesday

I was lucky enough (on a Monday morning, no less) to be selected as the winner of Coley's, from Coley's Closet Cravings, Giveaway!

Coley teamed up with jeweler Kathleen Murphy of Murphy Jewelry to giveaway this one of kind gorgeous necklace!

I'm so thrilled, and can't wait to receive this necklace!  I also have put a bunch of Kathleen's creations on my wishlist... so, naturally, I thought I'd share!

Teal Gold Twist $38

Turquoise Bliss $54 
(reminds me of Ali's Necklace from the Bachelorette last week)

La Creme $44
(and this reminds me of the Solstice Necklace from Anthro)

Layered White $42
(must have now!)

Teal Drop Earrings $36
(I love the tiny leaf detail... how great would these be on their own with a little white dress)

Gold Spirals $36

Gold Know Cuff $32

Pink Flower Cuff  $34

Silver Loop Cuff $32

I think I have a new 'go to' jewelry source.  Check out all the goods at Murphy Jewelry!


  1. Hey love! I sent off the necklace yesterday via USPS Priority!

    I love your Murphy jewelry wishlist...I've been pining over that layered white necklace for some time now!

  2. How lucky you are! That necklace is fab and it will definitely make a nice statement with your outfits.
    That Turquoise Bliss necklace catches my eye, It would work with a multitude of things. I'll definitely be checking out this website.

  3. *drool* That necklace rocks. I love a lot of the pieces you posted. Thanks for the temptation ;) I'm definitely checking out the link now!

  4. Sorry for the delay ladies, just got back :)

    Coley - Rec'd it yesterday, I love it! can't wait to wear it :)

    fshonmymind - the turquoise bliss is so pretty, it's definitely high up on my must-haves...

    Thanks Amber (have fun on your vaca!)

    Kelsey - no prob, you know I love to enable

    Tatiana - At Murphy Jewelry, the link is in the body of the post.


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