Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[Window Shopping] Printed Mini's

I've said it over. and over. and over.... I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some stilettos... but the first thing I do everyday when I get home is throw on my most overabused holy jeans, a v-neck tee, and my rainbows...

That said, I'm on the hunt for a mini/tulip style floral or pattern print skirt...

I know!  weird.

Part of our upcoming vacation includes a day of wine tasting.  I want to be cute and casual, but the weather report tells me I should expect to be hot.  While I first thought the ubiquitous romper would be the perfect outfit - I'm just not that daring.... and seriously, when the hell would I wear the romper again??

One and done outfits don't fare well with my "bang for your buck" budgetary ways...
Audrina Patridge in Shoshanna ($230, see my point?)
So instead, I moved onto another celebrity inspired casual summer day look... the patterned tulip-ish mini skirt. 
Lauren Conrad in Urban Outfitters (fall 2009)
Vanessa Hudgens in Myne
Audrina Patridge in Myne
Here's my window shopping requirements:
  > Pattern Preferred
  > Tulip-esque Style (read: not a flowy potential to blow up in wind gust type skirt)
  > Available in my size
  > Less than $50
ASOS Tailored Floral Tulip Skirt – Asos $42.27
Kimchi Blue Crochet Pencil Skirt – Urban Outfitters $19.99

Floral Stretch Waistband Skirt – Express $29.70

ASOS Printed Tulip Skirt – Asos $28.75

Bethanny Floral Skirt – Delia's $34.50

Eight Sixty Silk Skirt – Nordstrom $33.90

Free People 'Ray of Light' Miniskirt – Nordstrom $28.90  

Hinge Printed Cotton Skirt - Nordstrom $28.90

And my front runner....
Hinge Printed Cotton Skirt - Nordstrom $28.90


  1. Would you ever wear the floral or silk shorts again? Because shorts might be a nice change and you wouldn't have to worry about it flying up. hehe...

  2. I have the urban outfitters crocheted skirt (in the neutral color, sold out online) and I really like it, I think its very versatile and wearable. It def. doesn't move around much on ya when you wear it either. I think your front runner is cute too though!

  3. You know Justine, I considered them, but then placed them in the "romper" category. Just 'too' trendy for me... like as least a mini I could wear more casual, or dressed up to a shower, or work, night out.... I feel like silk or printed shorts would only fit in certain environments... kwim??

    I'm safe, I know.

    Natalie - that was the main reason I put the UO one in, I knew it wouldn't float up like the Express one pictured (I like that print though)... I just picked up the Buds and Bunches Tee and thought the Nordstrom one would be an appropriate 'fit', thoughts??

  4. Awww, I love the tulip shape, but they always give me a phantom front pooch. But you are sooo tiny (I'm jealous!) that I don't think that'll be a problem for you. I do really like the last one you posted. The colors and pattern is wonderful!

  5. I don't know what your thoughts are on Forever 21/Love 21...I don't normally have the patience to root though the stuff in there (besides accessories) but when I was bored and "window shopping" I came across these two...
    Paisley Woven Skirt -
    Summer Garden Satin Skirt -

    The second might be a little 'flying up' worthy...but I love the print of it.

    Good luck!

  6. Amy - the tulip cut can be totally hit or miss... It's definitely not the easiest trend to wear.

    Monica - I actually tried on a skirt at F21 yesterday. It was ok, I wasn't in love with the print, but the fit was good and I can't beat $12.50. The problem is, my F21 lacks in inventory and I refuse to pay shipping on such 'cheap' clothing... Hell, I refuse to pay shipping in general haha!

  7. Your front runner is super cute! I like the other one from Nordstrom, too. They'd both be versatile.

    Oh heck, I like them all okay!

    I have one tulip skirt in black and have yet to wear it. I bought it before I started my wedding workout and I've toned up a (tiny) bit since then so it's a little big on me. Now that the wedding is over so is the workout, ha, so maybe it'll fit again soon! :)

  8. ooh I think the buds and bunches tee would look really adorable on you with that skirt- did u get the beige or the blue?

  9. Thanks Kelsey! You should get your skirt taken in, I bet you look adorable in that style skirt!

    Natalie - I got the blue, which makes me think it might be *too* matchy matchy... I'm also afraid of ordering it and it not getting here in time... I think I'll just see what I can find at the mall on Sat. Urban had soo many cute skirts and dresses, might head back there...

  10. Oh I can't wait to see what you decide on. It's fun to see you step outside your box!


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