Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[Window Shopping] Pretty Printed Blouses

Alright, so after I realized that I have become totally inspired to wear a new look, I did some major research in fields of floral, geometric, and colorful prints...

Here are all my favorite picks!
(...and of course I'm starting off with the two I've been posting about non-stop for last two weeks)
Joie Denisa Floral Crinkle Chiffon Blouse - Piperlime $228

Flowering Pasture Blouse – Anthropologie $128

And the newbies....
Aqua Inkblot-Print Silk Blouse - Bloomingdale's $88
(sold out, please come back in stock!!!)

Rebecca Taylor 'Bye Bye' Blouse - Nordstrom $265

Tucker Watercolor Silk Button Front Blouse – Bluefly $188

Diane von Furstenberg Ortega Silk Blouse - MyTheresa $334.26

Yumi Kim Joey Top - Yumi Kim $138

Velvet by Graham & Spencer Tahiti Print Darenda Tunic  – Piperlime $119

Milly Paisley-Print Silk Peasant Blouse - Bloomingdale's $206.50

Elizabeth and James Aimee Blouse - ShopBop $295

Tibi Leticia Tunic - ShopBop $255

Marc by Marc Jacobs Poppy Chevron Drawstring Blouse - Bluefly $119

Tucker The Blouse – Piperlime $184.99

Ok readers, your turn.  Which one is your favorite? 


  1. I adore the ink-blot print! but then again, I'm a fan of black & white clothing in general, because you can accessorize with almost anything! haha! I'm also digging the watercolor print for your style though... it'll definitely look good on you!

  2. Oh good god. I need that Tucker one from Bluefly! eeeppp! Theres another from Anthro I'm loving, too: MOTIF&isSubcategory=true&isProduct=true&isBigImage=&templateType=

  3. Mandee - I'm so mad that the Aqua blouse sold out, it was even marked down to a "this-is-a-great-testing-the-waters" price... so sad.

    Justine - The Piperlime Tucker one comes in two other colors (I just noticed)... the bluish grey one must be mine... LOVE. Oh, and the I'm not done yappin' about the Anthro Flowering Pasture Blouse...

    I like your pick too, but something seems off about the neckline... I wish it was more boat or split/v-neck-ish. It's like somewhere btwn crew and scoop... no?

  4. I want EVERY SINGLE ONE lol...but I think the Rebecca Taylor and Joie ones are my favorite!

  5. The Tucker blouses (Did you know that the designer will be doing a collaboration with Target? I think the release date is in September.)

  6. Jammer - I feel the same way! Haha

    Lake - Really?! That's awesome, hopefully the line is more hit than miss, I'm really wishywashy on the Target lines. I'm definitely excited to see what they do :)

  7. I love the yellow anthro the best! you need it!

  8. MsHark, you're telling me! I need to upload pics and write up a post, but I tried it on yesterday and almost refused to take it off. I just wish it was $88 and not $128. I have a feeling some form of rationalization will be coming on....

  9. My favorite is the Rebecca Taylor one, but I also love the Anthro one. Great picks!

  10. Jen - I like that the RT one is pull over and not button up. And as I keep repeating, I'm obsessed with the Anthro one. I should buy it already, can't stop thinking about it and making polyvore sets..

  11. I have the one from Aqua and I have to say I have gotten so many compliments, most people think its a DVF. I absolutely the Tucker watercolor blouse!

  12. Ahhh Amy I'm soo jealous!! Maybe I'll scope out my bloomies this wkd. I totally agree that it is DvF-esque!


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