Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Update: Flower Power

Welcome back readers!  Isn't it great having a 3 day weekend?! 

We didn't do any traveling, but we saw some friends, bbq'd, and got it done around the house - and not without some good ol' fashion relaxing with netflix, a time honored tradition.

Saturday was definitely the highlight of the weekend weather-wise.  The day before the humidity kicked it in to high gear. Sadly, the Husband wasn't able to enjoy it since he enjoyed drinking golfing in the sun the day before, so while he recovered I got to work on my flower boxes and container garden.

Last year, I tried to grow tomatoes and jalapenos.  I've grown tomatoes before, but this was the first time they just didn't thrive, they actually were pretty pathetic.  I spoke to the woman at the garden center asking if maybe it was the size of my container, the amount of sunlight, etc and it turns out apparently last year tomatoes just didn't fare well in our area.  So I'm trying again (with a bigger planter), and I'm also giving a shot to some bell peppers and zucchini... I really hope my yellowish thumb turns greener this year.

In addition to my homegrown veggie patch, I planted flowers in my flower boxes and the remaining pots I had laying around. 
(yellow marigolds, red salvias, and white petunias)

Surprisingly enough, the petunias I planted in one of my flower boxes last summer came back (?!)  So  I transplanted them to their own pots. 
(moving day, looking worse for wear)
Stay alive little guy!

Also, kinda funny (kinda lame) story about the pink zinnias in the picture above.  When I bought flowers for the flower bed in front of the house last month, I picked up two zinnia stems.  Neither had bloomed, but were marked with a red petal tag.  About a week after I planted them in my yellow, white, purple and red flower box, that big ol' hot pink mess spawned to life.  (... and you guys know how I feel about hot pink).  So it was dug out this weekend and moved to the deck where it can live happily without judgment (kinda)....

Any one else work on their gardening skills over the weekend?  Any seasoned container gardeners out there - if so, feel free to share your tips!


  1. Funny to hear about your tomatoes - I have some cherry ones growing in my container garden and though I've got lots of little tomatoes going on now, they are just not thriving like I expected them to be. And I've got some jalapenos going on now too - except I'm not sure what to do with them. Otherwise I've got some thriving herbs and a rose bush that recently got destroyed by a bunch of dang aphids.

  2. I used the jalapenos for salsa, but you can def use them for any mexican dish. Funny about your rose bush - all the petunias I planted in the flower bed out front got gobbled up by a bunny... so annoying! Except he's the cutest little thing I can't be mad :) haha...

  3. Be sure to add the MirA Grow a couple times per week! I give most of my success to to that product.....Mom knows ;))

  4. I will Mom. I have some left over from last year, but bought a new one too.


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