Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[Travel] Off to Sonoma

We flew out last Wednesday morning, from Philly to San Francisco.  We got to the airport a bit early, so we stopped at Legal Seafood to eat some breakfast and down some morning beverages (mimosas for me, John Daly's for him) and watch the World Cup before boarding.

We landed at SFO, picked up our hot rental car... (no real pic so here is a badass pic from the web), and headed to Healdsburg.

We stayed at Healdsburg Inn on the Plaza and we don't have enough great things to say about this Inn and the so so very nice staff.  The Inn has a older feel and tons of charm, but doesn't have the "old" feel and um, smell, that some other Inn's we've been to have.  

Along with the requisite full service breakfast buffet that is included each morning, a Happy Hour of wine and cheese... and fruits and veggies and dip, are included daily as well.
my grumpy traveler

After unpacking and getting a glass (or two) of wine upstairs, we headed to Zin for dinner. 
The food was amazing, but since it was 10pm eastern time, our appetites just weren't there.  We headed back to the room and I'm pretty sure passed out before it even got dark.

We had a big day full of copious amounts of fermented grapes planned for Thursday.... stay tuned.


  1. Love that RM and it looks like you enjoyed a nice vacay. It makes me long for CA. I've been a few times, but never to SF. It is always fun out on the west coast.

  2. Lovely! Looks like a great time :)

  3. That room looks so sweet! Love the ceilings in the concierge area, so cool. LOL at the pic of your H, mine does that exact pose too when I try to get him to take a pic :)

    Love your RM bag ;) And your blue Mustang! You know you rocked that girl!! LOLOLOL

  4. PS-did you meet up with Anh?!?! MsBlake? ;)

  5. fshnonmymind - You must get to SF and/or Northern Cali... This was only my 2nd time, but I've been to SoCal a bunch because of family there, they really are two separate states...

    Coley - Thanks!

    Andi - The eating area was so awesome, like the mouldings and beadboard was so charming. Too funny about your husband... kindred spirits

    I didn't meet up with any nesties... we were only in SF for a day and a half or so, but I was keeping my eye out for Anh and all the other SF girls while shopping around Union Square ;)

  6. The inn looks adorable. Continental breakfast and Happy Hour wine is always a plus.

    And I love that gray bag!

    Janice ( Couture and Crayons)

  7. That inn looks lovely. And aren't convertibles fun? For as much as I hate mine in the winter, it's always a blast on a nice day. <3

  8. Thanks Janice and I think the breakfast almost trumped all the free vino! The little cook was so cute and she made the most delicous quiches, cheesy potatoes, and fresh muffins every morning (amongst other things)...

    Chloe - is it sad we never took the top down?? haha. We didn't drive anywhere in Healdsburg and it was too cold and windy for it in SF and on the way to the Open... oh well.


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