Friday, June 25, 2010

[Travel] Leaving my heart (and grabbing a jacket) in San Francisco

Friday morning we had another hearty homemade breakfast at the Inn then headed south, back to San Francisco.

We had booked an afternoon Alcatraz tour, because while both the Husband and myself have been to the city before (just never together) neither of us have done the tour.  So we unpacked at our hotel and headed out to the Wharf to site see and kill time before the tour.

Afterwards, we stopped back at the hotel to warm up (and detangle my overly windblown full of knots hair), and figure out where we wanted to go to dinner.  Starving, since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, we decided to go grab some soup and sourdough breadbowls to warm up.
We ate upstairs at the Bistro Boudin and started with Mussels Marniere, then each had our own sourdough bread bowl of crab and corn chowder.

Afterwards we were going to attempt to meet up with a couple we are close friends with who were also visiting the city, but we all agreed we'd just get together the next morning instead.  We had another round of drinks then headed back for the night.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  We decided to walk from the Wharf up to Union Square to do some shopping, see our friends, and grab breakfast on the way.  It was fun walking through the different sections of the city- North Beach, Chinatown, and Union Square.  We did some window shopping then walked back to Wharf to rest our feet, drink some beers, and watch some of the US Open.... (sigh, husbands....) And naturally I took a bunch of pictures on the way...
Union Square
the ubiquitous cable car
the financial district
all downhill from here.... or is it uphill??
Lombard Street

After that we grabbed dinner at The House (on a recommendation of the lovely Anh) and it was fantastic!  A bit crowded from the festival that was going on in North Beach, but we had a great dinner.  We headed back to the hotel because we had an early wake up call the next morning....

...and off to Pebble Beach we go :)


  1. I am obsessed with Alcatraz! How was the tour? Did you get to see any cool stuff in there?

  2. Your SF pictures look great! I fly into town often and will be moving there next month. I can see why and how anyone can love this city so much. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

  3. Pictures look great! Wondering what kind of camera do you have? Nice blog!
    Visit me @

  4. Andi - we did the audio tour (which is pretty much a must) it was def cool to hear and see how the convicts tried (and did) escape.

    Amy - Thanks! That's so awesome you are moving there... if I wasn't so attached to the East Coast, I think that city would be one of my front runners...

    PetiteLittleGirl - Our camera is a digital P&S Canon SD970 IS (powershot). It's no SLR, but it's pretty great for a point and shoot. I should note I do some beginner level color correction in picasa before I load the pics so that definitely helps too :)


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