Friday, June 4, 2010

[Shopaholic] Want me to fluff your pillows??

A little blog 'housekeeping' to take care of...

Boot Update:

Final Decision: They are staying. 

I tried them on a couple of times over Memorial Day Weekend - with and without a plastic bag :)  Janice of Couture and Crayons (check her out, she's a hot mama with fab style and a cute as a button princess), shared that she had the same problem and was able to get just the ankle area stretched - which is what I would need.  However, after a few times I already noticed them breaking in a bit.  It's a tough call because it's summer and the last thing on my mind is boots, but I think come Fall I'll be really excited I have them.  If they still are a pain, I'll see if I can invest in boot spray and/or have them professionally stretched by Neiman's contracted cobbler.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.  I made a list of how many of you were Pro vs. No and it was almost split (a few of you couldn't decide either!).

Anthropologie Sale:

The AnthroAddicts are aware that there was a pretty big round of mark downs on Wednesday.  One of them being the Clinging Blossoms Cardigan.

OK!  I know... another grey cardigan.  I know I swore I wouldn't buy any more, but like my jean excuse hear me out.

It was between this and the marked down Cartography Cardigan I've been loving so much on Amy at kelinda.KELINDA.  I figured, the Clinging Blossoms would be more versatile and I could get away wearing it more often and pairing it with more tops, then the more memorable Cartography Cardi. 
It should arrive today, still not 100% that'll be keeping it, but Anthro has such a generous return policy, I thought I could at least try it on. Especially since they are offering Free Shipping thru Labor Day with your Anthro Card. 

No Harm No Foul, if I don't love it or decide it's not needed.  I should also note my light grey v-neck Gap Cardigan will be tossed after summer is over (its light cotton, so I'll make sure it lives a long slooow death, but poor thing is croaking).  Because of that, the Clinging Blossoms will be its successor.

So, after I ordered the sweater online in the morning, I decided to head to the store over lunch.  I finally tried on the Flowering Pastures Blouse. 

Love readers.  Love.

It's flowy, yet somewhat fitted or tailored at the same time (as in, doesn't hang like a sack).  It's airy and light and the color is just so cheery.  The online reviews said that it was much lighters than the stock photo, but I don't think its lighter considering the fabric.

Like a good girl, I left it at the store.  However, I thought about this shirt for the following two days.  Even creating a Polyvore Set for how I would wear it on my travels...

Flowering Pastures BlouseFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

So I went back this afternoon and picked it up.  I'm going to sleep on it over the weekend, but because it was selling out online (only xs left) I wanted to make sure I didn't blow my chance.  If buyer's remorse kicks in, it'll go back.  Or maybe I won't like the cardigan therefore the money I get back for that will be like a credit for the blouse. Or maybe I'll just love it and say eff it... you only live once, you better look good while doing so!

At this point, I would say I'm cutting myself off, but I have a vacation coming up and one of the Anthro SAs was wearing the cutest Urban dress that would be fab for wine tasting....

Expect some more Paper Doll Polyvore sets in the near future!


  1. hahaha! I am loving your inner dialogue about the top!!! I have so been there! Lol... Love the gray cardi, btw... KEEPER ;)

    Eboni Ife

  2. If you wake up thinking about it again, that's a sign. Beautiful top!

  3. LOVE the flowering pastures blouse - it's a great color for summer, and it looks like it fits a lot better than most loose fitting/tunic style tops!

  4. omg that blouse looks fantastic on you! and wow I love the Cartography Cardigan but I agree the other card seems more you. Both are adorable!

  5. Good to hear you are keeping the boots. I just picked up the boots that I had stretched and they slip right on now. Loving the yellow blouse on you. The color is great!

  6. Wow, the yellow blouse is perfect on you! It looks so much better on you than it does on the dress form. I am definitely glad you picked it up, I don't think you'll regret that purchase.

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  8. Personally? I think the blouse is a better buy-- it's more classic and can go throughout seasons pretty well. I've never been a big fan of the Cartography sweater, but that's just because of my taste. Im really excited you got that blouse, tho!! :)

  9. So freaking cute - you work that blouse! I love it on you!

  10. Ife - Haha! Glad you don't find my inner dialogue CRAY-ZEY! haha..

    Gigi - I've made like 5 different polyvore sets with the top... AND my husband bet me the Flyers were going to lose the other night, I said if they win I'm keeping my blouse - woohoo!

    Mandee - In addition to the color, the cut of the top is super flattering, not overwhelming at all...

    Amber - Thanks!

    Couture&Crayons - Great to hear about your boots. I think I made the right decision... I know I'll regret not having them come Fall...

    Thanks Andi!

    Justine - do you mean the clinging blossoms cardigan? I think its a keeper! just seems really versatile and you should check out the blouse too (or the blue flower print version) can totally see you rocking it!

    10 years- Thanks!!

  11. I tried on that same blouse at Anthro! I left it in the store, but will live vicariously through you because it looks great on you and would be perfect with all of your jeans. :)
    I especially love that you paired it with a RM. Her bags are the best!

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