Thursday, June 10, 2010

[Shopaholic] Pattern Mini Follow Up

Readers, if there is one thing I despise more than paying full price, it's paying shipping.  

I ended up bailing on my window shopping excursion yesterday because while the Hinge skirt was cute, I didn't want to add $8 in shipping costs, when I could probably find something for less at the mall that I wouldn't have to wait days for to see if it even fit...

According to Nordstrom's website, both patterns were not available at my local mall, so I mentally moved on.  This afternoon, I was ready to check out some other stores, but I first swung through the t.b.d department just to see what else they might have in stock.

And of course sitting on the rack in my size, this guy....
Hinge Printed Cotton Skirt - Nordstrom $28.90

While I originally was drawn to this print over the blue floral, I thought the blue floral would go with the blue Buds and Bunches Tee better.  Then on second thought, I thought it might be too matchy matchy and then there was the shipping, and how long would it take to get here, would it fit or be flattering and yeah, I ran away from my online shopping cart faster than Snooki Snickers could from the tanning bed to a $1 shots special... and that my friends is high speed.

I tried the skirt on and it's actually really cute.  The tulip cut hips aren't too exaggerated and if anything they give the illusion of having hips (or a smaller waist)... which in my case, isn't a bad thing.  The only problem is the tag was marked up to $39.90.  A quick question to the sales girl, a price match down to the online price of $28.90, and into my shopping bag it went.

And thinking about it now, I actually think the non-matching colors is the better choice -- as opposed to the matchy blue floral print.  I'm excited to try them on together, because yeah, I'm a huge dork....
Vacation - Wine TastingFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Don't you just love a 'happily ever after' moment....


  1. I love that print. Ther's something about is cutesie but in an un-childish way. Great find!
    Happy wine tasting :-)

  2. I totally agree lara... it's a bit whimsical and I think it will actually go with a of other colors too... and hey if I spill red wine I can pretend its just another cherry blossom right? haha...

  3. I love fashion fairy tales with happy endings... just fabulous!

    ~ Eboni Ife'

  4. Thanks girls! I was so excited to see it on the sale rack in my size, I didn't even bother looking for better options... <$30 totally works for me :)

  5. That was my favorite option! You look very cute! Yay! Do you need any wine testing recommendations? I have like three posts on wine tasting on my blog I can link you too if you want to read them over.

  6. Hey Amber... I'll shoot you an email :) Thanks!!

  7. ADORABLE! It was definitely meant to be. I love vacation outfit planning ;)

  8. That skirt is super cute on you. Glad it worked out for the better. An FYI for your shipping payment aversion, if you see something on Nordie's website, jot down the style number and go to the store, they will order it for you and ship it to you for free. It is their way of saying sorry for not having it in the store. Just did it with a clutch. I hate paying shipping too. ;)

  9. Very cute ensemble! Love it that you didn't match it with like a red shirt:)


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