Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[Shopaholic] Husband Edition (!!) (!)

Holy Moly Readers, it worked... it really worked.  The shopping virus has finally contaminated the Husband!

Yesterday, after discussing where the husband should stock up on some new duds, we saw that our local J.Crew Outlet was offering the following discounts on Men's clothing  (of course, I was pushing J.Crew... duh)...
  • 40% off all Men’s Woven Shirts, Ties, Polos and Boxers
  • 25%-50% off all Men’s Shorts
  • 40% off all Men’s Graphic Tees
  • Prices as marked. Sale is valid for a limited time while supplies last and on select items only.
So the Husband ran over after work... sadly, without me.  But readers, listen to his hull...

4 Polo Shirts
1 Graphic Tee
3 pair Cargo Shorts
2 pair of Jeans
2 pairs of Twill Pants
1 Lightweight L/S Hoodie Tee

...and 2 Tanks for Moi! thanks Husband!

all for <$300.  OMG Readers, I got a contact high when he got home from all the goods!

And the best part is, he was suckered into opening a J.Crew Card... something I have incredibly resisted for years (and lord knows why because I could sure use the rewards perks).  And for what it's worth, I would just like to note that the Husband and I live a debt free lifestyle -well, as long as you don't include mortgages and car loans... so stores cards are only used we are able to pay the off the balance on time and in full, which allows us to reap the rewards benefits such as free alterations, early access to select items, and a $25 credit every time you spend $500.

Anywho, sadly, in my second hand shoppers high, I didn't get to snap pics. However, a lot of the goods are coming with on our summer vacation, so I'll be sure to point out the duds in the recaps :)

Oh and the best part readers, over gchat this morning, husband said (and I quote) "love my new clothes" the 'man's man' has seen the light!

Do you have "fashionable" husband's/boyfriends? Or do they just wear whatever is clean?


  1. The husband has more clothes then me! And he never fails to find better/more clothes at the outlets or at tjmaxx.It can be infuriating! You should have seen the stockpile he bought during BR's take 60% off everything sale we caught at the DE outlets this winter. It was sick.

  2. that's a great deal!! i'm FINALLY getting the hubs into a shopping groove...he got TWO new ties this weekend, so i'm hoping i can toss some of the ones that are too ugly for words!

  3. what a great deal! Sean dresses pretty well for a guy - when we go out with friends, he usually wears a graphic tee and jeans, complete with matching shoes. I swear he has more shoes than I do - green ones, blue ones, black ones, grey ones.

  4. My husband definitely has more clothes than me! He loves Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink polos since they last forever. I highly recommend checking them out. Hubs likes to buy from their outlet stores since they are much easier on the wallet.

  5. AWESOME DEAL!!! Wow - he pretty much has a new wardrobe!!! YAY!

  6. How fun! I've also talked my H into J. Crew recently, I am beyond excited for these updates to his wardrobe. He is now the proud owner of 3 pair of J. Crew shorts :)
    Baby steps...

  7. omg LOL at the contact high. What a shopper!!

  8. FourthDoor - that's funny, my husband is def NOT a shopper, but he is a deal hunter...

    D,S,&H - bahaha that's great, my husband has a few "dad" ties too... terrible

    Mandee - Sean would. Bahaha.

    JJJ - Thanks for the rec, we'll have to check those out!

    Anh - seriously it is a new wardrobe. He's good on dress shirts (could use 2/3 more, but is fine) and sweaters... but it was time to purge the polos and all his pants are 2 size too big... oh I forgot he also got a belt in there! His last belt got too big too... oops. ::pesky pescatarian diet::

    Andi - That's great... I was seriously like all endorphined up by his shopping, its hysterical

  9. haha!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I am forwarding this post to my fiance'! I'm sure he's gonna roll his eyes at me.. haha!

    ~Eboni Ife'

  10. LOVE IT. My hubs isn't so much a clothes horse as he is a shoe horse. I'm with you, 90% of what's in his closet has come from me (directly or indirectly).

  11. my husband goes to J Crew and sits on the chairs as he waits for me to shop...note to self- force him to the men's section

  12. Hahah that's AWESOME!!!

    My fiancé is super picky about his clothes and very stylish (in a hip-hop way). He's a huge brand whore too. LOL. Don't tell him I said that ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  13. They all come to our side...eventually


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