Thursday, June 24, 2010

[Shopaholic] About MotherTUCKERing Time...

:::  We interrupt this travel recap for the following paid purchase(?)  :::


I got an sale alert this morning that the price on my beloved Joie Denise Silk Chiffon Top had dropped again. 
Joie Denise Chiffon Silk Top - Piperlime $220 $144.99

I headed over to Piperlime and decided to see what the price of my beloved Tucker blouse was for comparison sake.
Tucker The Blouse in a la fenetre - Piperlime $264 $169.99
(in hammered silk)

I waivered on whether I should order the A La Fenetre - the one I was initially drawn to because I always favor anything that is blue and white.  But after my blouse post, I realized the Way to Roma (green) print blouse was a little more classic "Tucker" with the bright color and bold print and I began to favor it, over the possibly too Hawaii Five-O white and blue blouse...
Tucker The Blouse in Way to Roma - Piperlime $264 $169.99

After getting some feed back from the lovely and fashionable Justine (who just recently scooped up her own Tucker top), Anh (or the previously coined 'Queen of Blouses'), and MsHark (just generally awesome - and stylish too!)...  oh, oh, and can't forget the Husband's non-shocking opinion, the A La Fenetre won out.

Plus the non-hammered silk should be able to transition the top into Fall seamlessly, right??

(don't you dare mock my valid and thought out excuses reasons!)

So, I went in for the kill. I used the not-so-secret Piperlime coupon code trick and got myself a one time use 20% coupon code.  Then, I used my saved up Banana Bucks and purchased thru Ebates....

Not too shabby getting a such a high quality shirt for 64% Off the original retail price... don't mind if I do.


  1. Nice work! I like the one you picked. I was hoping that was your final choice ;-)

  2. That would have been my final choice too!

  3. yippee! After hours of deliberation and some waiting, you got it. hehe... ;)

  4. Thanks girls! I'm glad you all favor that one :)


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