Monday, June 7, 2010

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] Straw Fedora

In my effort to create some "paper dolls" for my upcoming trip, I was searching for a cute hat to keep my face shaded from the sun.

Naturally, I found this perfect mocha colored straw fedora at Anthropologie.  However, because I'm not really a "hat person", $58 is out of my budget.
Oxidized Fedora – Anthropologie $58

Luckily for me, Anthro's sister store Urban Outfitters is selling a lookalike, for almost half the price...
1773 Belted Straw Fedora - Urban Outfitters $34

Happy Monday Readers!


  1. I bet it's even the exact same one! They probably buy from the same companies for stuff like that. Crazy that just because it's sold at "Anthropologie" it can be upcharged so much. Annoying!

  2. I have been looking for a cute summer hat - and I am also not a hat person :)

    Great find!

  3. Justine - the only notable different is the UO one is black... the little trim bow thing though looks identical..

    Amber - you could definitely wear a hat like this!

    Coley - I hear ya... hats are like one of those things that everyone looks cute in, but when you put one on you're like, huh?? ... similar to red lipstick


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