Thursday, June 3, 2010

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] My Crossbody Bag Score!

Ok readers, remember how last month I went window shopping for a small crossbody bag that had to meet strict size requirements??

I found it!

I really had been drooling over the Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy Turnlock Bag, even scouring eBay, but I just couldn't rationalize $198 for a bag I know I'll barely use.  I like my bags big and bottomless - kinda like my morning coffee....

So I decided since time is running out, it's time to get my search on for a cheaper alternative and found the best deal and cutest 'inspired by' bag to boot!

The Real Deal
Marc by Marc Jacobs Sia Crossbody Bag - $258

The [Inspired by] Awesome Steal
Poppie Jones Fashion Crossbody Bag - $14.95 DSW

This bag also comes in Brown and Black for $19.95.  I actually bought the very last one in tan (sorry!), and because I used my rewards points, I got it for $9.95 + Free Shipping! 

I'm totally on a bargain hunting high!
What do you guys think?  Worth the $9.95 for the potential one time use??


  1. Oooh that is a good steal. Tan would have been my pick too. Everyone needs a cross body bag.

  2. Fabulous deal! and I actually like the inspired by bag more than the real deal. It's a tad bit simpler! And gotta love DSW rewards points!!!

    xoxo, Eboni ife'

  3. Super cute! I just got a coach cross body bad and I am loving it!! They are so functional.

    :) marcie

  4. C&C - Tan was the easy choice ;) I really thought when I went to check out it was going to say none in stock, sooo glad it went through! ::crossing fingers for no cancelled orders::

    Ife - The rewards points are great, and I was suprised I got free shipping too without hitting the $35 threshold :)

    Marcie - ohhhh, I'm sure your Coach crossbody is MUCH prettier then this piece of $9.95 pleather, haha, but yes, functionality is key!

  5. CUTE! What a steal. I love my SAK crossbody - and I probably love it even more because I got it on sale :)

  6. What a great find. I like the crossbody bags, but just still haven't found "love"

  7. I'm definitely loving the crossbody trend, and always want to wear my little Marc Jacobs Kristina Crossbody (even if it doesn't match). It's just so freeing, having a bag that only fits a cellphone, wallet, and a pack of gum, hm?

    Great picks, and I loooove the tan one.

  8. Great look, great deal! Perfecto ;))

  9. Coley - I definitely love my sale items more, I also don't feel as guilty using/wearing them... I always want to 'save' my higher/full priced items... strange.

    Kimberlee - Keep looking there are sooo many out there. If I could I'd still get the MbyMJ Percy Turnlock, but like I said, there is no 'need'....

    Chloe - I <3 your MJ Kristina. I actually don't care if this bag disintegrates after I use it... hell for $10, I would expect a bag to be 'sewed' together with staples. So my expectations can only be wow'd...


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