Monday, June 28, 2010

[Inspired by] Jen Garner in Valentine's Day

I actually saw Valentine's Day with my best friend when it came it in theaters back in February.  Even though we only went because of the all-star cast, we still had low expectations.  Overall it was cute, not great, and if they would have cut a few storylines (only created to shove in more big names, eh hmm Anne Hathaway) it probably could have been better.

Either way, I like to think that Jen Garner and Ashton Kutcher are the "main" characters in this ensemble cast.  Which is perfect because I love them both.... does that count as a guilty pleasure??

Anywho, I LOVED Jen Garner's cute-as-a-school-teacher's-apple outfit that she was wearing for the majority of the first half of the film.  So much so, I previously made a polyvore styled spinoff and even 'wishlisted' certain items....
Inspired: Jen Garner, Valentine's DayFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Since I re-watched the movie on Netflix yesterday, I thought I'd post my finds incase any one wants to snatch up these adorable inspired by (or in some cases, exact) pieces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Cardigan - Bluefly $149

BDG Pleated Skirt - Urban Outfitters $48

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo - Zappos Couture $398

Seychelles Kick Up Your Heels Wedge - Cusp $90

Apple Charm Necklace - Couture Candy $42

Michael Kors Silver Watch - Lord & Taylor $195

Do you ever find yourself trying to recreate outfits inspired by movie characters? (other than anything Audrey Hepburn, ha!).... 

Happy Shopping!


  1. Yes, the last time I was inspired to recreate someone's wardrobe was Andy (Anne Hathaway) in the Devil Wears Prada. I still haven't been quite successful, but I loved so many of her "after" pieces.

  2. One of my guilty pleasures is to overload my time on long plane rides with psuedo-good girly movies - like Valentine's Day, or It's Complicated, or Nanny Diaries, Because I Said So ... etc. No Oscar winners for me here.

    I don't think I ever tried to recreate a look from a movie but did get looks of uber-fashion inspiration from Devil Wears Prada (like fshnonmymind mentioned), Sex and the City (of course!) and The Proposal.

  3. Uh, this movie was terrible with a capital T! But I guess it was terrible in a cute way, LOL. Jen Garner and Ashton are both very likable.

    Her wardrobe was so sweet in this movie!

  4. Fshn - Yes! Sooo many awesome fashion moments in Devil Wears Prada!

    Lisa - I hear ya... I have to be in the mood to watch something heavy and serious... i normally stick to light movies - comedies and bad chick flicks :)

    Andi - I hear ya... I actually think it had potential to be a cute romcom (I didn't say good, just cute).. but they tried to cram wayy too many pointless story lines in... Jen Garner is one of my favs, I think she's adorable.... and I used to be a huge Alias fan :)

  5. I love those shoes! I actually was debating about buying them.

    I still can't decide if the platform is to high. If you end up buying them can you do a review?

    I agree with Fshn Andy in the Devil Wears Prada had some great outfits! Especially her leather jacket/interview outfit towards the end of the movie.

    Check out my blog if you get a chance!

  6. Hi Alicia! I think the platform is just right. I have the pair in the polyvore set from Banana Republic (summer '09) and I think they are perfect, *but* I'm only 5'2"... I might change my mind if I were taller...


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