Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[Inspired by] Bloggers in Blouses

It's official.  And probably should have become blaringly obvious... but I have new obsession.

Pretty Printed Silk Blouses.

All the signs were there, I've been wishlisting more and more, not to mention the void in my closet of this fashionista 'must have' staple...

Normally, I pass over these type of tops.   The shapeless and baggy flowly silhouettes make me fear that they would overwhelm my smallerish frame and potentially create the celebrity-esque "what are you hiding under there ::wink wink:: mm hmm, babybump?" or just take away from any of the small feminine shape I do have... which, let's be honest, is minimal.

However, once again I've been inspired by the blogisphere to take the risk.  If these gorgeous ladies can rock the trend (all being teeny tiny themselves) without a hint of the "maternity wear" look, then I can take the risk too...

Anh (or The Queen of Silk Blouses) of 9to5 Chic in BCBG, Vintage, and Joie

... and of course celebrities always play a factor in style inspiration...
Lauren Conrad in Tucker

Lauren Conrad in (another) Tucker Blouse
(image via

Olivia Palermo in Diane von Furstenberg

Leighton Meester in Matthew Williamson
(image via

Eva Longoria Parker in unknown
(image via

Stay tuned for my favorites!


  1. Thanks for adding me as inspiration! And yes, I have become a bit of a blouse whore. Sooo versatile, and they add such a nice relaxed but elegant flare to a pair of jeans!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower and I just wanted to chime in to say that I love your blog! And this post about pretty silk blouses is extremely inspiring - I'm going to have to break out one of mine later this week. =)

  3. Great post! Anh, Tiffany and Justine really know how to rock the silk blouse! And aww seeing a picture of me dressed and at home made me so happy!!! Thank you for including me! I think Lauren Conrad is also my silk blouse celebrity icon, I have purchased several blouses after seeing them on her. I always love her simple but adorable style!

  4. Justine - No prob gf! Ever since you got the DvF blouse I've been on my colorful flowly blouse high... those colors, the airyness - perfection!

    Kathryn - Thank you soo much! Can't wait to see what you decide to wear :)

    Amber - I hope you're starting to feel better! Lauren Conrad is definitely in my Top 3 celebrity style inspirations, she's always on trend, but never looks like she's trying too hard... ok, sometimes she looks like she's trying too hard, but not her casual style- which is the style I love. I hope you get to head home today and take a picture at your desk!

  5. aww!!! Thanks for including me among those lovely ladies!! ;) looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  6. Pretty pretty pretty! I've also been lusting after lovely, silk blouses. Even though it's not the ideal shape for my top half, I just don't care. They are purty!

  7. Anh - of course, your 9to5 style is synonymous with silk blouses!

    Coley - That's exactly how I feel, but everyone else pulls it off great. I think I'm just overthinking/not used to seeing myself in that style. This year is about going out side my little grey cardigan box!

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