Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Window Shopping] Backyard BBQ Buys

In preparation of Memorial Day and upcoming Barbeque Season, I thought it'd be fun to "window shop" for some great BBQ and summer backyard party accessories...

because you can't have a party without cool beverages

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser - Pottery Barn $69
OMG it's a GIGATIC Mason Jar!! Screw the lemonade and fill it with Sangria!

such cute BBQ inspired fabric

3-Piece Barbeque Tool Kit with Oven Mitt - World Market $14.99

BBQ Condiment Jars & Tray Set - Pottery Barn $39 
pure awesomeness

Fine-Mesh Grill Pan - Williams Sonoma $29.95
no more skinny veggie goodness falling through the cracks

Lasso Golf - Target $24.99
(I call 'Ladder Golf', but tomato, tomahto...)

What are your BBQ Party favorites??


  1. I loooove those condiment jars... they are perfect for big BBQ parties!

    we can't have a cookout without the corn hole toss set up in the yard... I bought Sean a Ravens one for Christmas a few years ago. ick.

  2. I know right Mandee?! The jars are the cutest thing ever...

    ahh yes, baggo and washers are great... although I normally associate them with tailgates and old fraternity day drinking parties haha... and double ick to the ravens

  3. Awesome picks!
    I have an apothecary from PB that I love (and fill with sangria!) lol

  4. Andi - I have an apothecary style one too from C&B, received it as a shower gift. Still haven't used it, but planning to this summer - OBVI with some sangria :) you'll have to share your recipe with me, mine is due for an upgrade!

  5. What a great post. I can feel the sunshine and smell the bbq. :-)

  6. Gigi - I can smell the sunshine too, from my cubicle that is :( Get me outside!!! white girl needs a tan....

  7. FYI, Target has little melamine condiment jars like that (all the same size, though, not graduated) at the dollar spot...


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