Monday, May 10, 2010

Surprise Surprise....

Let it be known, I love a good surprise....  not so much for myself (I'm terrible at guessing, prodding and prying), but surprising others - especially my husband.

It all started years ago when I surprised him for Christmas.  He had been going on and on... and on, about getting a new lcd tv.  While he was away in Denver for work, I, with the help of his roommate, removed his old clunky tv and replaced in with a new one, equipped with a giant red bow.  Sadly, I wasn't there when he returned home from his trip, but apparently he did a double take and was shocked to find exactly what he had been talking about for months...
I'm pretty sure this is how I sealed the future deal...

For our wedding, we exchanged gifts before the ceremony.... I think the Husband was SHOCKED when he was handed a wrapped up Movado watch case only to find a golf ball stating his present inside....

Sunday Tickets
US Open 2010
Pebble Beach, CA

His 30th Birthday proved to be tricky.  Being a May baby, most of his friends have already had their requisite "Surprise 30th Birthday" parties this year.  Knowing the Husband hates being the center of attention, I told him it would be impossible to throw him one since it'd be expected.

However, for this surprisaholic, that just wasn't going to do.  So I picked a favorite past time that is also something we typically do together every year, and I told him we were going to the Phillies Game.
Husband wearing his new Halladay tee that I bought, washed, and hid on top of the pile in his t-shirt drawer... the man has to have everything washed before wearing, surprise again Husband...

The surprise was, all of his friends would be there to meet us and we'd have a raging tailgate and party into the night, you know since UFC was on AGAIN..... Any other wives/girlfriends out there that feel like there is a fight every freakin' weekend??  I swear it's always on...

All and all, great time had and the husband was shocked and honored that so many people came out to celebrate and have a good time...

The Phillies actually lost, but I don't think anyone even cared.

Are you good at surprises, or do you spill the beans?


  1. such a sweet wife!! i love surprising the hubs...but i have the hardest time keeping things a secret!

  2. You are so thoughtful and sweet! WOW, will you marry me? I think that would work out great, I don't even watch UFC! :)
    LOL, Happy Birthday E's Hubby, you're a lucky guy!

  3. Every weekend? It seems like there's a fight on every night.

    You are a master of surprises. Good job!!!

  4. Wow, you are so creative! I may have to steal some of your ideas. :)


  5. D,S,&H - normally the bigger the surprises the easier I can keep the secret, the littler things I end up spilling :)

    Andi - no UFC?? I know who I'm having a virtual gtg with next time it's on... which I guess is probably next saturday haha... I did run to the bedroom and watched Betty White on SNL so I still win....

    Gigi - seriously... he swears there is only 1 a month... and I seriously, seriously disagree!

    Marcie - go for it! Although, my creativity is running out haha.. maybe I'll just take a break until he turns 40 ;)

  6. You are so creative! I love surprises for other people, too but I am SOOO bad at keeping secrets. When FI was deployed, I was saving the whole time to buy him a "dream" guitar he wanted but would never buy for himself. He returned on Thanksgiving and I planned to give it to him on his birthday in December. I lasted seriously 13 hours of him being home before I cracked and told him the surprise! LOL

  7. What a cool surprise! I get so excited when I am surprising other people that I have a hard time keeping it in. I love giving gifts and surprises!

  8. (warning: excess use of exclamation points and caps to follow)
    OMg you KNOW I LOVE this post! Ahhh! Whata fun birthday surprise! I am already trying to figure out what to do my Husbands 30th next April I may have to take cue from you.
    AND ...OMG! Your wedding gift!!! That is not only and awesome present but WOW what a cute way to trick/surprise him! LOve it! Pebble beach is AH-MAZING! You are going to have SO much fun! If you want any recs for stuff to do aroudn the area let me know! AHH!

  9. Kelsey - that's how my husband is, the day he brought home my e-ring he proposed haha...

    Thanks Mere & Amber!

    Amber - any rec's for SF or Sonoma (staying Healdsburg area) are def welcome!

    I had to do the watch box since watches are like the quintessential wedding gift you know, plus he totally is NOT a watch guy... def threw him off :)


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