Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Funday and Outfit of Yesterday

Yesterday we continued the Husband's birthday celebration by laying around and recovering from the night before.  Coffee was drank, leftover pizza was eaten, and cat napping on the couch with both puppers occurred.  All in the name of turning 30.

After awhile we pulled ourselves up, showered, dressed and headed to a favorite BYOB to close out the weekend.

Since the weather this weekend was sunny, but a chilly 50some degrees with hurricane force winds (no joke), wearing layers and pants was a must!
'Silk/Cotton Ruffled' Cardigan in Khaki Heather - Banana Republic, winter '10 (here)
White 'Tutu 'Tank - Anthropologie, winter '10 (knock off here)
Deep Indigo 'Artist' Jeans - AE, fall '09 (here)
'Sonya' Huarache Wedges - Banana Republic, summer '09 (similar here)
'Key to my Heart' necklace - F21, winter '10 (here)
Tortoise Skinny Headband - J.Crew (similar here)

And because I missed posting this yesterday, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Momma's out there!
... yeah, we rocked the '90s...


  1. Awww, love your throwback pic, so cute!

    Great outfit, love the color palette and tutu tank!

  2. I love this outfit, you look adorable!

  3. Love your Anthro tank! And love the 90's pic too, of course :)

  4. Looking great as usual, ma'am. I love that tank!

  5. I love that outfit! I am such a sucker for ruffles---on anything!

    Love the pic---the 90's were awesome ;-)

  6. O-M-G you are so cute!! And you were cute back in the 80's as well!! Love it!

  7. Thanks everyone!!

    .. it's funny that dress is like the epitomy of "girly-ness" and everything I hate about pink and frou frou-ness.... It is possible, that at that moment I morphed into a non-skirt wearing Tomboy for life....

  8. I love those jeans, that color wash is great!

  9. I love those jeans and that tank on you! Adorable! And that family portrait with your mom? Absolute perfection. Ya'll are rocking those puff sleeves!

  10. Thanks Elledee and Amy - the jeans ride a little low for my 27 yr old liking, but for $30 jeans I can't complain...

    Amy - the puff sleeves are great... but not as great as those "wave" bangs, lol, who did we think we were?? amazing


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