Tuesday, May 18, 2010

**Summer Shopping Wishlist**

That's right, I'm bringing back my "Wishlists"....

When I was a new little blogger, I started a Wishlist Wednesday weekly post that was mainly to keep me active in posting (and get out some hints about my Holiday Must Haves, thanks Mom!).  Well, it's safe to say the blogging thing stuck and I no longer needed specifically scheduled 'segments' to keep me active posting, post holidays. (Can you tell I love alliteration??)

Since cleaning out my closet in the late winter and stocking up on some must haves (new cardis, lots of belts, and fun jewelry), I think it's time to get back to making a list of things I NEED.

Now, of course these "NEEDS" are really just "WANTS" in disguise, but I hope that having a nice little list to reference will help me stay on track when tempted to buy something new. 

For example, my Ashleen Coach Flats (seen here) are starting to see their end of days, so I really want a similar pair to replace them because they have been such a versatile shoe in my wardrobe.  So, next time I consider buying some cute woven ankle cuff heels because they are 20% off, I'll pass.... you know instead of ordering them and then sending back like I did last night. 

So without further adieu, my Summer Shopping Wishlist

Jean Shorts

Boho-esque Peasanty Style Top - yep, that's my 'official' item description

This style is really starting to grow on me.  I like that I could find a way to wear it to work, as well as running errands on weekends or going out with friends.  I love the airy-ness and that it'd still be practical in hot weather.

Tory Burch Revas (to replace aforementioned Coach flats)

My camel colored flats are beyond versatile.  I know Revas have a cult following and being a stickler for a well made and comfortable shoe, I think I may jump the bandwagon.

Camisoles (LOTS and LOTS of Camisoles)
I wear camis all the time -  under sweaters, shirts, cardigans, silk tops, you name it.  It's time for a good ol' purge and replacement.

Tops in Bright Colors and Prints

If you've been a reader for the past few months, you know I've been desperately trying to inject more color and prints into my neutral wardrobe.  I've been off to a good start, but this is just a personal reminder to step away from the grey cardigans and go for something more like below....

Boots for Fall

I made the mistake of buying 'cheap' boots last Fall.  I was just getting introduced to skinny jeans (took a lot of convincing and trying on until I found a pair that finally worked with my shape) and because the look was new to me I didn't want to commit to a pricey pair of boots that I might not ever wear. 

It's safe to say I'm sold on the look and hate the boots I have.  There are two pairs of boots I want - cognac Frye riding boots and black Modern Vintage foldover boots... I feel like both are classic and flattering and due to their impeccable construction, they will last for years...

Lucky for me, yesterday I scooped up Ash Cuffed Leather Ono Boots through the Neiman Marcus First Call Sale, so that fills my need for black boots... ::check!::

OK... and there we have it.  Sure I could list everything under the sun and say GIMME GIMME GIMME, stomp my feet and slam the bedroom door, but a line needs to be drawn readers.  So, for now this is my reminder to stop buying things 'just because'.... you know, because there are actually other things I pseudo-need more...

Do you readers make lists of things you need to keep your spending on track?  Do you just buy what you want, when you want it no questions asked?  Share your shopping secrets with me!


  1. I have all sorts of wish lists:)

    You can't go wrong with Revas. I have had mine for a few years and they are so comfortable and still look great. They add some cuteness to any outfit. I did have to break them in, so definitely bear that in mind.

  2. i love that frye boot!! i was considering that one as well for fall, after also purchasing a cheapie boot last fall. ugh.

  3. A - good to know about the Reva's. I'll defintily have to try them on (again) before taking the plunge... but I shoes (especially shoes I wear all the time) have to meet my comfort requirements...

    Mikaela - Haha! You live and you learn :) like I just said, cheap is fine for 1 or 2x wears, but I will never cheap out on something I want to get a lot of use out of again... has rarely proven to be worth it in my experience...

  4. I'm definitely a list girl - it keeps my spending in check!

    Love the MJ tank. I'm trying to incorporate more prints/colors into my wardrobe as well.

  5. Love your picks. I will say, I saw a very similar floaty/peasanty type top at F21:


    I'm also a list girl about 90% of the time...and I try to stick to the "wear it three ways, rule" before making an investment.

    AND...I wholeheartedly agree about the boots - cheap boots perform horribly...it's hard to carry those off on the cheap.

  6. Love your picks! Especially the peasanty top and scoop neck Anthro shirt. SO glad you got those boots, how hot are they?
    The Revas will be perfect too, you wear flats all the time!

  7. Great Find Coley! ... and yes, I definitely try to think of 3 ways to wear or 3 occasions (for things like dresses)...

    Andi - haha, I know you'd think for being 5'2" I'd live in heels, but I definitely have a love for flats :)

  8. Everything on your list is always on mine. I have a constant "want-disguised-as-need" list! haha. I have been much better the past few seasons though and stick to buying things to fill out my wardrobe, not just random pieces that I think are cute.

    I am actually wearing a Boho-esque Peasanty Style Top to work today, be jealous! HA! It's almost exactly like the one you pictured, except mine is black and is lace at the shoulders. I got it like 3 years ago at F21. It's one of those things that sits in my closet and I hardly ever wear it, but when I do I always tell myself "I should wear this more!" because I get compliments on it.

  9. Kelsey - don't you just love when you 'refind' something in your closet?? I'm a huge list maker, but a lot times I find myself buying things because of sales/discounts. I want to get back to saving for the things I really need/want...


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