Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Review] CSN Stores

Earlier last week I posted about how I was given the opportunity to do a product review for AllBarStools.com.

The Husband and I decided to order 2 Powell Antique Black 24" counter height bar stools for our Crate and Barrel island.

While this particular set of bar stools did not have any buyer reviews, it did have a strong rating on the "construction quality" scale, which won me over an identical pair with strong buyer reviews, but a low grade on the construction scale.

The website noted that these stools were in stock that they would ship within 48 hours.  I pulled the trigger on Tuesday, they shipped Wednesday, and arrived Friday - and that's without any upgraded or rushed shipping. And I can't forget to mention that shipping was FREE for this particular set. 
The stools had minimal assembly, which I thought was rather easy to do. 

I had both stools together in about 20 minutes.

Overall I think they are a great fit (in size, shape, and style) and I will definitely check out CSN stores in the future.  They have over 200 sites so I'm sure in my quest for light fixtures, throw rugs, or curtains they will be a great resource. 

My overall score - A+

**Please Note:  This review is based solely on my experience with shopping online at allbarstools.com.  I have not been compensated for a positive review and if I was disappointed with the product, shipping, customer service, etc I would make my opinion reflect those feelings.**


  1. They look great!

    CSN Stores sponsored my recent giveaway and I was pleased with my experience with them, too. Fast shipping for sure!

  2. OOH! My brother and his wife have this set of stools in a dark brown stain!

    They are great!

    Everyone in the family, and all guests who visit, LOVE them!!


  3. I really like those! They are simple, clean, and they actually look comfortable for bar stools!

  4. Thanks girls, they actually are very comfortable... I'm really happy with our choice :)


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