Thursday, May 13, 2010

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] Oversized Blue Gingham Shirt

Yup.... I don't do one of these posts for over a month and now I post two (well sorta 3 I guess) back to back in one day... I'm just totally unpredictable like that.

Earlier today, I received a email promotion from my favorite local boutique with a 20% Off coupon code (MISSYOU)  

When I went to check out the website for new arrivals I saw this adorable outfit, that I now desperately want to recreate this summer....

The loose fit blue gingham button up instantly reminded me of this Splendid top on Shopbop...
Splendid Gingham Shirt - ShopBop $148

and while the actual top in the photo can be found at Piperlime (free shipping and returns!)....

Patterson J. Kincaid Brian Oversized Nubby Gingham Shirt - Piperlime $98

I'd suggest buying it from SouthMoonUnder with the 20% Coupon Code "MISSYOU" - valid through 5/15!
Patterson J. Kincaid Woven Oversized Nubby Gingham Shirt - South Moon Under $79.20 (after code)

.... but if you want to recreate the look with a real steal check out this shirt from Target (if you want to keep the "boxy" just order up a size)

Mossimo Supply Co. Gingham Shirt - Target $10.50

Does gingham make anyone else want to sport pigtails and eat barbeque??


  1. I love it !!!! I'm always stealing my fiancé's shirts because I adore the oversized shirt look on a casual day. Especially with short shorts.

    I love your blog !! I will definitely come back for more :)
    Bisous !

  2. I love gingham! It reminds me of picnics. lol

  3. FrenchLover - Thanks and glad you're here!

    MsHark - I know right? But definitely a great pattern and it never really goes out of style either...


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