Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] Floral Print Sheer Blouses

I've been obsessing over these two Joie floral print blouses on Piperlime for weeks....

The Real Deal
Joie Leanne Pintuck Lace Inset Blouse, Offwhite - Piperlime $218
(sold out in this color, but can be found at Bloomingdale's)

Joie Leanne Pintuck Lace Inset Blouse, Insignia - Piperlime $218

The price tag is a little hard for me to stomach, being >$200 for a lightweight sheer blouse, heck, for being >$100 for a lightweight sheer blouse - cashmere, sure. chiffon, not so much.

So, when I stumbled upon these Bellatrix tops in the t.b.d department of Nordstrom last Friday I was soo excited for their look-a-like-ness and their less than half-the-price-tags...

The Awesome Steals
Bellatrix Lace Trim Chiffon Top, Vintage Floral - Nordstrom $78

Bellatrix Lace Trim Chiffon Top, Navy Floral - Nordstrom $78

Just a reminder, the Nordstrom Semi Annual Sale starts tomorrow!!


  1. sweet find! I remember seeing that (because I stalk nordie's site way too often) and thinking about the Joie blouse but never noticing *how* similar they are!

  2. I just spotted those on Nordies site too! I'm considering getting one, they're a great lookalike.

  3. I feel like it looked better in person to be honest (the Bellatrix)... I saw it from like a department away and bee lined to it bc I thought it was the Joie top...

    I'm going to stop back tomorrow and check out the sale, if it's marked down at all it'll be coming home with me...

  4. There's another a brand in TBD called Gibson that has similar shirts.

  5. These lookalikes are gorgeous!! They are totally tempting me now!!

  6. love all of them :) i am really into blouses like that lately!

  7. saw this in the sale and thought of you - kinda sorta similar

  8. Sarah soo funny I saw that in the sale this morning too!.. they don't have my size, but I'm totally checking out what's in store over lunch :)


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