Monday, May 3, 2010

Productivity Hangover and some Wishful Window Shopping

Whew, holy busy weekend Batman!

I'm sore this Monday morning with productivity readers.  The weather here in the Philly area was gorgeous (and HOT!) and since this weekend was one of few that the Husband and I had zero plans we tackled everything we could on our growing To-Do List.

I planted a few flowers in our flower bed and then we mulched the whole area, we touched up some paint in the basement and in the kitchen, I changed a light fixture in the hallway, and we even painted the living room wall. 

Sadly, I have ZERO pictures of any of this! 

So instead, I'll leave you with a few things I may just have to buy when my self imposed shopping ban is lifted...
Coil Flower Tank - Anthropologie $58

Featherweight cotton tipped pocket cardigan - J.Crew $68
(color blocking + neutrals = MY NAME)

Featherweight cotton ruffle cardigan - J.Crew $79.50
(because my Slate Button Cuff Cardi is in serious need of replacement!)

Impressionist's Dream Dress - Anthropologie $178
(would be great for one of our many summer weddings, our vacation, and the kicker - I own nothing like it!) 

Happy Monday Readers!


  1. Ooh, that Anthro dress is so pretty! Perfect for Spring and Summer weddings. I just bought that J. Crew cardi last week {the featherweight}, I've been wearing it with everything-it's so light! I got it in Spice, Lurve it. ::lift that ban!::

  2. Hey! I tried on that coiled flower tank and it was so bad I didn't even take a picture of it! It has so much cute potential but its sooo boxy and big. It definitely needs to be belted. I love that cotton tipped cardigan from jcrew!

  3. Siiiigh, so many pretty things this spring! I love the Anthro dress, though I'm concerned on whether or not a small-chested gal could fill out the bodice!

  4. Andi - I really like the spice and mint julep! It looks like the perfect summer sweater, glad to hear you are happy with it :)

    MsHark - Good to know! I haven't tried it on yet, since I'm avoiding my wkly anthro trips.. to tempting haha..

    Amy - I have the same concern, since, you know, I'm lacking some "girls"... def on the "must try" list... also on the possibly in need of alterations list, haha

  5. Lovely picks! I'm really diggin' the Coli tank - seems perfect for insanely hot weather!


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