Friday, May 21, 2010

[Outfit of the Day] Sailor Stripes

Short Sleeve Boyfriend Cardigan - J.Crew, spring '09 (here) (similar here)
Navy and White Scoopneck Striped Tee - GAP, spring '09 (similar here)
J Brand Skinnies - TJ Maxx, fall '09 (here)
Coach 'Ashleen' Flats - Macy's, '08 ? (similar color here)
'Key to your Heart' Necklace - F21, winter '09 (here)
Opal Disc Stretch Bracelet - South Moon Under, spring '10 (here)
skinny tan plastic headband - J.Crew... per usual

I want to wear this every day. 



  1. Great outfits. I love everyone, especially the Limited Cardi and the Tuesday top from Antro. So cute!!

  2. Do a blazer! Dooooo iiitttt, and be like me and Cams (you know, cuz Cameron Diaz and I are BFFs.) HA! :)

  3. I love skinnies on you! I also agree with Justine's blazer suggestion - you could totes pull it off with your frame!

    Thursday's outfit is my favorite by far - I love the colors together... and I may or may not have that Express necklace from 2004! haha!

  4. You are the cutest thing ever! I would love to see you in a fitted grey jersey blazer! Those stripes rocks.

  5. Thanks Mere!

    Re: Blazers

    All the blazers I currently own (which is very few, if any, since my last closet purge) are too big for me now - either wasn't conscious of buying my size or well, I've shrunk a bit from my beer filled college days.... I also associate blazers with either like going out to bars or like dressy work, not my casual everyday style.

    I def think a jersey blazer would be a nice introduction back, so Andi I'll keep my eyes peeled for one. Maybe I'll 'window shop' for some over the wkd...

    Andi - I was inspired by AmyK's almost identical stripes yesterday. Yes. I'm a copycat.

    Mandee - thanks honey and funny stuff about the necklace - does it have a big ol gold flower clasp on it?? Also I was afraid that outfit wasn't going to work, but I'm glad I went for folor and now a safe neutral underneath like I did Wednesday....

  6. ayeayeaye... folor = color and now = not

  7. I love every outfit! You have great style.
    JBrand skinnies at TJMaxx!?! Oh, I need to check that out, STAT!

  8. I love your Friday outfit & your khaki ruffle cardigan! All are cute though!! We have similar style, I am alllllll about comfort, girl! (while still looking cute)

  9. Thanks Pamela!! and yes, my TJ Maxx has a 'designer area' (forget what they call it) and it has all higher end labels and premium denim. A lot of Rock N Republic, Joes, J Brand, and True Religion....

    MsHark - I definitely think we have similar style I love everything you wear!!


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