Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[OOTD] Mid Week Sneak Peek

So, I think I'm going to make my OOTD posts , now that I have been actually putting effort into my outfits and stopped looking like a bum taking pics daily, a weekly post with a round up on Fridays. Yay? Nay?

However, since I mentioned that I scored my "New without Tags" Blooming Lattice Cardigan (for less than retail on eBay) I'm excited to report I'm wearing it today...

At first, I thought the cardi was cute, but I saw Kim's review about how it was cropped I kind of got turned off so I passed it over, even when seeing the quality detailing in store.

...but then Tien paired it with yellow and I totally changed my tune.

...then Kim went back and decided she had to have it... and like a follower so did I.

... and finally Debye bought it "buy it now" off ebay (from the same listing I was "watching") and immediately I went back and pulled the trigger...

I'm so glad I did.  Sometimes when things 'grow on me' it turns out my first instinct of 'meh' was right.  Not with this cardi.  The detailing at the neck really is substantial and since it's navy there are endless options of how I can make it mix and match.

I've still seen the cardigan in stores, but it is sold out online.  Either call CS to track down a store that has your size in stock and have it shipped for free or check for listings on eBay .   If you've been on the fence, you won't be disappointed!


  1. It looks so great on you, I am so glad you grabbed one. I don't know how we were able to get them brand new under retail off eBay but I am not complaining ;o)

  2. Thanks Debye! You know, a month ago or so there were a bunch of 'breezy ride' cardigans on ebay for < retail, but I missed out... I'm so glad I didn't let that happen again - especially since it's another navy cardigan, I have a feeling I'll be wearing this a lot!

  3. I clearly need to hop on the eBay train. I had this idea that it was all just re-sale, junk and electronics but after reading this post I poked around on there and WOWOMGAWESOME. Possibly my new obsession...

    Cute sweater btw ;)

  4. love the cardi E! Looks fantastic on you! It was a great buy, glad you snagged it. It looks really great on everyone and I also especially love it with the mustard.
    EBay rules my world :)

  5. Definitely not Kelsey! haha. Although you do need to look around and do your homework. Make sure the items are New With (or without if you're okay with that) Tags and that they show real life pictures of the item (not just stock photos). Also ask questions!! Normally return policies are scared, so don't be afraid to ask the seller for more pics, measurements, etc. If they are shady pass...

    In college I was on a huge ebay kick... I got my North Face Denali (a discontinued color) NWT, a discontinued pair of Nike Shox New In Box, Banana Republic Jewelry for cheap, art work/home decor, etc... There is def stuff to be found, buy you have to be selective

  6. umm return policies aren't "scared" they are "scarce".. duh

    ...also forget trying to find 'high demand' items for a low price (like a LV purse - a real one will never be cheap unless used). Stick to the rarer items...

    Andi - thanks! I know the cardi has soo much potential. It goes with seriously soo much in my closet, was this --> <-- close to wearing it with my LOL Target top.... next time.

  7. It looks adorable on you! Nice choice! I routintely put things on my maybe/wish list and I love it when I see them on other bloggers - it gives inspiration!

  8. omg so cute! you look fabulous!

  9. I love the yellow and navy! It is so in right now.

    You have great taste and style.

    :) Marcie

  10. Cute! I love it on you guys!

    Ebay is a bad, bad, bad place for me. Dangerous. I try to stay away. *covers eyes*

  11. I love the way you styled it! I love modestly styled blog! She is so darn cute with the MOST amazing taste!

  12. Thanks Everyone!

    Coley - I my inspiration is like 80% bloggers, 15% TV shows (GG, Hills, Bachelorette,etc) and 5% Magazines.. I just love how relatable bloggers are...

    Marcie - Tien has paired the cardi a bunch of cute ways, check out her blog if you don't already subscribe!

    Chloe - Ebay goes in spurts for me, I'll be all about it for like a month than forget it exists for like a year haha...

    A - I love Debye's blog too! I relate to her style and I love how she pairs things together...

  13. What a funny post. The cardi is cute. I can see how it grew on you.


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