Sunday, May 16, 2010

[OOTD] Fighting off Femininity

This post is for Justine....

Well, sorta.  After my last post riddled with a week's worth of casual outfits, solely wearing jeans (because I do daily... unless it's hot, then I wear shorts), Justine of Fetching Fashions commented saying she'd like to see me in some skirts or dresses...


Skirts?  Dresses?! Um, I'll have you all know I used to wear bike shorts under my dresses in the 90s, I'm pretty sure it was somewhat fashionable and totally "Blossom", but it was also my tomboy rebellion playing a part.

In my 1st Grade class photo, my mom made wear a little sailory outfit... cute nautical top and navy polka dotted skirt.  Mortified, before the picture was snapped, I pushed the skirt in between my legs to create the illusion of shorts (...or "cool-lots" as I would have called them in 90s - before ever realizing it was actually French and "culottes").  I was not going to be remembered as the 7 year old in the sailor skirt...
(terrible picture quality but that's what happens when you steal from facebook)

Anyway, while I feel most comfortable and myself in jeans (or just some sort of pant/short combo in general), I have definitely grown to appreciate the times I do get more snazzed up. 

Yesterday, I headed to beautiful Cape May for a bridal shower honoring one of my oldest friends.  We've been friends since 4th grade (in which that class photo I rolled up my leggings to make them look like shorts  - true story).  It was a gorgeous day at the beach and her 'tea' theme shower was classy and fun...

and guess what readers, I even wore a dress...
"hey, this isn't so bad.... fashion show time!"

yes, a dress equipped with a bow!
Kimchi Blue Silky Pleated Colorblock Dress - Urban Outfitters, Spring '10 (here, but no longer available in colorblock)
'Sonya' Huarache Wedges - Banana Republic, Summer '09 (similar here)
Opal Disc Stretch Bracelet - South Moon Under , Spring '10(here)
Purple Flower Painted Earrings - Urban Outfitters, sometime before 2005, (sorta similar here)

My $39 sale Urban dress was even mistaken for BCBG... awesome buy!

Close up of the earrings, they matched perfectly!

So are you a tried and true "girly girl" or do desperately cover it up by neon colored bike shorts??


  1. Love the dress! You look so pretty! I love dresses and skirts and feel like they can actually be more comfortable than jeans, but I do like a great pair of jeans as well. It's all about variety :)

  2. great dress! love your hair too :)

  3. I love that dress----it's so pretty and looks awesome on you. The shoes are perfect too. I was a tomboy when I was younger also and I remember fighting my mom on Easter---she made me where a hat and a dress---ugh! lol

  4. um. LOVE that dress. i need.

  5. that dress is AMAZING. and i love the cool-lots trick =)

  6. The dress is so so cute and looks great on you! I laughed when read about the bike shorts under dresses- unfortunately, I did the same in ol' days!!

  7. OMG OMG OMG!!! I love it!!!! See, my suspicions were right, you DO look fabulous in a dress, too! :) The shape is perfect for you, too. I heart.

  8. I rarely dress up either (in fact, a reader asked me once why I never wear heels), but I do love when I get the chance to. That dress is absolutely adorable, I wish it were still available in the colorblock. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Further proof that we are shopping twins?? Lol.

  9. Sassy - I totally understand why people think dresses are more comfortable (since they are less restrictive), but I guess I'm more comfy in jeans bc I don't have to worry about being 'ladylike'. I'm a bit of a clutz and just generally live life hard -in the sense that I'm the furthest thing from dainty... I have to be so much more careful in a dress.

    V - thanks! I was shocked that the curl actually stayed most of the day, normally it falls out within hours (which is kinda odd since my hair is naturally wavy/curly)...

    Mere - too funny, I had the dress and hat up 'til age 5, then I think my "opinion" was too loud that my mom stopped fighting it...

    Heather - check the sales rack at your Urban Outfitters, might still be in stores. (Or maybe call CS??)

    D,S, &H- I was such a dork... like I seriously thought they were 'cool-lots' until maybe like a year ago, bahaha... i'm actually serious.

    DEA - soo glad I'm not alone, I have great pic somewhere from a piano recital with a floral print peplum dress and hot pink shorts... have to go find it!

    Justine - glad you like it ;) I really do enjoy dressing up, but I feel like it needs to fit the occasion - bridal shower = yes, to sit in my cube at my Tech comp job = no...

    J - we are def shopping twins!

    Thanks everyone for your sweet comments, you really know how to make a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal not feel like a total nob in a dress ;)

  10. You look so great in that dress! Your calves are amaaazing. ;)

  11. You do look fantastic in that dress, love it on you! The whole look is just fab!

    I am so not a girly girl, but I've embraced it now. I would rather wear jeans or pants more than anything, but force myself to switch it up a bit too :)

  12. Wow ;) what a fun journey back! You are sooo funny, and you constantly make me laugh! Love the dress and the memories! <3

  13. Kelsey - Thanks, years and years of sports to thank...

    Andi - Thanks and I hear ya. I really do enjoy finding a cute dress and doing my hair and makeup, but I feel like I need 'special' occassions for it. Just isn't an everyday thing for me... which is fine and why I have a premium denim obsession...

    Mom - I can't find the pic from the piano recital.. you know, the one where I wore like a turtle neck under that purple flower dress and like pink bike shorts under... you have it??

  14. OMG you are SOO cute!! I love the second to last dress picture! Adorable!

  15. That dress is the perfect summer sundress and you look great! :)

  16. That dress is adorable! Looks great on you!

    But like you I live in jeans. Anything else just doesn't feel like "me," though I will sometimes venture out and wear a dress or skirt if the occasion arises!

  17. Amber - I'll take it! Except I'm more like Polly Pocket while you are Christian Louboutin Barbie haha!

    And that pic is my "Chloe" pic... I'm still getting used to the self timer shots, so I'm stealing other bloggers 'moves' :)

    SweetTea - Thanks! This was actually the 2nd time I wore the dress. I wore it 1st to my g-ma's 90th bday party when I was in LA... pretty sure its coming with me on vacay in June and attending another shower, best $40 dress ever!!

    Jacki - Exactly! I love getting all pretty, but something always feels 'off', like I can't wait to get home, wash my face, put on sweats and stuff my face with oreos.... (kinda like what I'm doing right now)

  18. Hi Erin, love that dress on you! So pretty.

    I REALLY love your wedges. I'm looking for nude wedges and those are perfect. I hope BR brings them back....

  19. You look so pretty! Sport dresses more often - they look great on you.

    AND...I've been there with the bike shorts. I also used to wear bodysuits. Yikes.


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