Monday, May 17, 2010

[Impulsive Shopaholic]... Mondays are bad for my wallet

Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous... one of those days where it is neither "hot" nor "cold", so to take advantage of the beautiful day I headed to the outlets. 

I wandered around and found a ton of great deals, but held on to my willpower.  As many of you know there is going to be a MASSIVE sale at Anthro tomorrow and I was hoping to spend my money frivolously there, instead of buying dresses on a whim at the French Connection Outlet (where everything was 40% off!)

still thinking about going back for this, but I don't have anywhere to wear it...

...or falling for these classic, and HIGH, Dolce Vita Beam-2 Pumps at Last Call Neiman Marcus.  
Luckily, my will power proved to be worth it.  The Dolce Vita pumps, at 4.5" high, yet super comfortable (which is a RARE find for myself), were marked down to $99 from $155.  Since I knew I wouldn't really wear them to work, or often for that matter, I passed.  I came home to see if I really missed out on a deal and actually it appears I would have over paid....

On my way home, I swung into Ulta to use $5 off coupon from my InStyle magazine and stock back up on Kiddie Detangler and some nail polish.

I think it was on the first episode of this season's The Hills, I saw Lo Bosworth with red nails and since, for whatever reason, wanted to veer off from the trendy taupes, lavenders, and oranges and paint my nails classic red.
The formula was nice, wasn't streaky at all on the first coat.  However, I find red nail polishes are prone to chipping more quickly than other colors and, not even 24 hours later, there is evidence this theory will continue to hold true.

In other sale news, Neiman Marcus is having their "First Call" sale where selected items are up to 40% Off.  After ignoring their emails for days, I finally took a look this morning...

... and damn you Neiman Marcus!


  1. Love those boots! I am a seasonal shopper - can't buy boots now bc I am fixated on summer clothes! Have fun at anthro tomorrow:)

  2. Good call on holding off on the heels!
    I think you should get the dress tomorrow. You can dress it up or down so you may wear it more often than you think.
    Those boots are TDF!!!

  3. whew!... I've had buyer's remorse all day. So glad you girls approve of the boots, now I'm back to being excited about them.

    A - I'm *mostly* a seasonal shopper, but I do try to think of getting the best deals (boots in spring, trenches in fall, swimsuits post labor day...) I have a hard time passing up good deals. The upcoming Anthro sale is giving me anxiety about spending more than I should just because of the discounts...

    Andi - Yeah, the heels were soo much prettier in person though, I think the ones I linked are a bit different. The ones at NM had a hidden platform and were just so pretty on...

    Coley - you're a riot! (and fwiw, there are bunch of sizes left) ;) oh oh, and free shipping with "MAYNM"

  4. Omg you will LOVE the ASh boots!! Clearly I loved mine! that dress is too cute, and I too am loving red nail polish right now!

  5. Gigi - you're a crack up... *me likey* :)

    Amber - I will fully admit that before purchasing I looked at your archive photos of the Ash Boots, as well as Tiffany from I am Stylish (she has the same pair), and Chloe in her lookalikes just too confirm my suspicious of versatility and hotness :)

    ... I'm an equal opportunity boot stalker.

  6. The weather outside is horrible and I didn't even wear my comfy city walking shoes (cole haan nike air flats, lest you think i rock white la gears around philly) and I am now planning on making the treck to the Anthro sale. All cause I read about it on your blog!

    Thanks :D

  7. Fouth Door - Check online first! and Kim's list here

    I'm a little disappointed. I'm going to check instore anyways (luckily I can drive), in case I'm 'overlooking' something on the website, but the none of the 12 items I wishlisted (which aren't new!) made the cut.. let me know how you make out!


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