Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Impulsive Shopaholic] Bachelorette Wannabe

... well, Bachelorette Wannabe minus being single and not having my husband and being forced to date douchey guys on television.... or meaning Bachelorette Fashion Wannabe.....

but I digress...

Earlier in the week, Dana over at The Possessionista, posted about this Initial Wax Seal pendant by Etsy Seller RitzyMisfit

She had found the necklace as Ali Fedotowsky, also known as the ABC's newest Bachelorette, will be wearing on a few of her upcoming dates.   She's wearing a Yellow Pendant necklace in this promotional shot for the show....
(photo via popleft.com)

Also a fan of RitzyMisfit's stamped necklaces are previous Bachelorette Jillian Harris and Kendra Wilkinson...

Because it was Monday morning and I was only on my first cup of coffee, I felt compulsive enough to pull the trigger on this cute and (clearly Bachelorette) coveted necklace.  It's priced at $30, which in my book, is pretty affordable for something so unique.

I ended up ordering the Plum colored pendant (shown above). 

Brooke, the genius behind RitzyMisfit, allows the buyer to select the degree of "character" of the pendant's shape - "1" being closer to perfectly round and "3" being very "imperfect" or "rough".  She also asks the buyer to select the degree of color you would like. "1" being a little and "3" being extremely saturated.

I chose 1 degree of character, you know since I'm too OCD to handle the "imperfect" circles, lumps, and bubbles.  I then selected the 2nd degree of color, which is the same amount that Jillian has in her teal pendant shown above (or somewhere between a little and a lot).

I'll be sure to post a recap when it arrives.

Share your recent Etsy purchases in the comments - I'll wait to read them in the morning... you know, before I have my coffee and check my bank account balance....


  1. Consider me just as impulsive. I just bought one after reading your blog! Thanks!

  2. I have been looking at a similar pendant on Etsy lately... and one other that has two initials joined. I think the two initials joined would be cute, but maybe a little too mushy (assuming I were to get it with me and Colby's initials joined). Anyway, I really like this one! Did you get your first name or last name initial?

  3. Okay after looking more at the Etsy seller's site I realize most people get their first initial. Maybe I am just too excited for my new last name...? *blushes*

  4. Kelsey, I got my married initial, but I could be basking in my newlywedness. :)

  5. Too funny girls! Glad I could be a bad influence :)

    I got my first initial ("E" - obv)... however, I think getting your last initial would be cute too... I go back and forth when getting "initialed" items, but a lot times I'll go by which letter looks better in the font used... and I think "E" just looks cooler in a script...

    what color did you guys order??

  6. Too cute! I love the wax seal look and how it's customizable in terms of roughness and color saturation! How nuts that an etsy seller has such an extensive celebrity clientele too!

  7. Great purchase! That reminds me I have one of those in my drawer that I purchased last summer from Ritzy Misfit - I better bust it out again soon!

  8. So cute! I really like those necklaces and the color you chose, looking forward to hearing how you like it! The ones on Ali and Jillian are great colors too. Hmm. This may be going on my Etsy wish list.

    I made an impulse buy on Etsy yesterday too! All the way at the bottom of this post: http://www.therestlessblogger.com/2010/05/oh-wow.html

  9. Love it! I love the deep purple you choose, too!

  10. Amy K - Definitely a great thing when you can customize your orders, I really really love Etsy... I'd so much rather pay more $$ for a independent artist and get what I want than something store bought that everyone else has... and yeah, I'm sucker for something if famous people are wearing it hahaha

    J - I'm not surprised, you are clearly a trend finder/setter

    Jacki & Coley - I really liked Jillian's teal one too, I was afraid the yellow might like too weird fake goldish in real life... i have no idea why I picked the purple, but I hope it looks awesome :)


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