Saturday, May 1, 2010

God Bless America

Two great All-American things:  Soldiers and Lady Gaga

I love Lady Gaga, regardless that people find her odd, I think she has a great message - that it's ok to be different and equality for all "little monsters"(and you can't help but tap your toe, erm, bust out your best dance moves when you hear any of her songs - face it, she's this generations Madonna)...

Watching these American Soldiers in Afghanistan let loose and have some fun made my day.

Happy May!


  1. I admit that I find her quite catchy, even if odd, haha! This was a great video!

  2. omg LOL!!! That is funny! Is that MsHark up there and forgot to turn her language back to English?

  3. Yeah I definitely cracked up watching it...

    Amber - I don't think it's Ms.Hark, she's still in the US and I get these comments a lot, I think it might be an international reader, but I have trouble with the translator sometimes :(

  4. LOL at that Chinese post!
    It looks like an ad for free video and chat rooms for adults.

  5. Too funny!! Like once a month I get Chinese comments... one time I tried to translate it and it made no sense. Glad I have you MsHark to be my SPAM interperter hahaha...


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