Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Freedom... from Shopping Bans

So... after yesterday's post with my wishlist items, I decided it's time to lift the shopping ban. 

To recap the last month, I did alright - an 8 out of 10 for effort.  I knew I was going to spend money on some planned items and events so I'll exclude those (i.e. the 3 bottles of wine whilst wine tasting with my girlfriends, bridal shower & Mother's Day gifts, and some See's Candy in LA - and other obvious travel related expenses like long term parking, rental cars, hotel, etc etc... etc).

I've only dropped my willpower for a new bracelet, 3 plates at Anthro to hang in the kitchen (2 of which were on sale AND the last two in the store, fate?), and some dish towels - seriously, I was picking up a bridal shower gift at C&B and couldn't resist!

Waffleweave Dishtowels Set of Three - Crate and Barrel $12.95
I've tossed two of these from our last batch because of unbleachable coffee and spaghetti sauce stains, it was time to replenish the stock... no dingy towels allowed in the sparkly kitchen!

Botanical Lemon Print Dishtowel - Crate and Barrel $4.95
This one was just to hang on the stove - I love the pop of color (and summery-ness) it adds to the kitchen.  Do you have "guest towel" like dish towels... like ones you keep off limits to the Husband use and swap at each changing season or holiday??... I'm just weird, okay.

Moving on, this past weekend I purchased some flowers at the local garden center for $30 and a can paint of paint from Lowe's, $23, to paint the living room wall....

Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige

....and a teaser

I know I had rules for no "home improvement" items, but the Husband did the shopping for the mulch, some needed tools and a new light fixture... so I had no problem being the one to run out and pick up the paint :)

I realize I'm quitting a few days early, but the ban will no longer be in effect. I think I got my impulsive purchasing under control.

.... and, it was sale day at Anthro.  There was a whole schlew of mark downs this morning and I'm sure a lot of them online are going fast.  I decided to swing by my local store at lunch in an effort to pick up a Mother's Day gift for my Stepmother in law, but instead saw the Sparrow Edana Cardigan (which has sold out online) on the sale rack... in my size!  

When I first saw this sweater online, I passed right over it.  Then I saw it on Chloe and changed my tune, then Kim bought it and I decided I could use a Non-J.Crew Jackie style cardigan in my life. 

I think it will be the perfect volume balancer for skinny jeans and because its gray and white, it will go with a lot everything in my closet.   Part of me was in buyer's remorse on the car ride back to work, especially since I was drooling over the J.Crew Cotton Tipped Pocket Cardigan yesterday, but I really think it's time I venture out of my solid color Jackie cardigan box....  

I also tried on A TON of sale items, but since I spent time wandering around looking for a mother's day gift that I never found I was in a rush.  Honestly, a lot of the items were ill-fitting or rather lackluster, so I'm kind of glad I didn't take any pics to just write "Pass"....

I'll make sure to post an OOTD when I wear it... the more I write about it, the more excited I'm getting to wear it and ditching the buyer's remorse... 


  1. Love that cardi E! It will look so amazing on you, glad you picked it up :)

  2. That cardi is better than the tipped pocket. The J Crew cardi is cute, but it is a Jackie silhouette. I like the design on the back of the Anthro one. Reminds me of the J Crew Lino cardi.

  3. Thanks Andi!

    Glad to hear you approve Gigi ;) I like the peplum detail and the lace trim on the Anthro cardi, definitely a departure from my Jackie collection, which is needed... it's super soft and comfy too!

  4. Oh I love the new Cardi! I might have to take a walk downtown to see if they have any in stock...I also fell victim to the Tuesday Anthro markdowns. Hello new handbag who've I've been eying for a month now :) I can't wait until it shows up on the doorstep.

  5. omg that sweater is darling! Ya for lifted bans!

  6. Oh man, I loved that sweater on Kim and Chloe too! It looked so weird on me, though. Boo... I bet you'll look soooo cute in it! Can't wait to see your OOTD! The dish towels are cute, too, especially that cheery printed one!

  7. Big fan of that cardi! And congrats on the ban lift ;)

  8. I really love that cardigan!

    As you go OFF your shopping ban, I am going ON mine!! Maybe in a month or two I can lift it too... but I need a break right now!

  9. I just have to say that I also have a "seasonal" dish towel to hang on the stove. One time MIL (in her effort of being helpful - aka, getting in my way) started to dry dishes using that towel and I had to tell her "That is not a drying towel, it's only for decoration."

  10. MsHark - yeah I was just being really impulsive in March/early April, needed to get back to my "do I need it??" mentality...

    .. and then of course I've since bought a cardigan and two pairs of shoes, oops...

    Monica - too funny about your MIL. I use the white ones for drying/cleaning since I can just throw them in the wash with bleach... if I were to get a stain on my "seasonal" ones I'd be pissed hahahaha


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