Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Anthro Sale Fail... Blerg!

Liz Lemon? anyone? anyone?.... no, okay....

I'm not sure how the rest of the Anthro-obsessed blogging community feels, but I was pretty disappointed with today's "massive" sale.  Sure a lot of inventory was moved to the sale racks, but I felt a lot the bloggerloved high demand items are still sitting at their full retail price.

Last night, in an effort to hopefully control myself if the sale did get out of hand, I placed about 10 items or so in my 'cart' and decided since these are the items I really love I would only buy from this list if marked down (and of course not all 10, but whatever I felt was the best value)... you know, instead being lured to by some random blouse because it dropped from $88 to $39.

So when I woke up this morning and ran to my laptop to see what in my cart had been reduced I was initially shocked that nothing changed.  "Ohh it's just a glitch in the interwebz, let me refresh the page again"....


I checked the run down at Anthroholic for all the marked down items, and even ran to my Anthro at lunch *just in case* something random made it's way back to the sale rack.


However, I thought I'd share what's currently sitting at full price in my cart.

A lot of it I've posted over the past few months (or earlier today for that matter), but look readers! COLOR!


It's like a crayon box right?

Anyway, I'm not too disappointed you know why readers?  One of my previous 'wishlist' items was crossed off when I got my mail yesterday...
(scored NWOT on eBay for $59)

So in case you were also let down by the markdowns at Anthro, maybe you could make it up by getting revenge (and 20% OFF) at Theory using code FAMILY on Thursday May 20 thru Sunday May 23.

And if you want to try score some less expensive deals head to Banana Republic from 5pm EST tonight thru Midnight and use code 30AFTER5 for 30% Off with your GAP, Inc card or SUMMER25 for 25% Off with a regular credit/debit card.



  1. yeah, I was quite underwhelmed. I knew I would be, though, because I'm only liking the new stuff right now and was not happy with early Spring's line. Oh well!!

  2. I knew the newer stuff wouldn't have made it... but the Field Game Cardi? Buds & Bunches Tee? really??? come on Anthro....

  3. I piled my cart up in the exact same way and experienced the exact same disappoint this morning. boo.

  4. I love that cardigan. You have great taste!

    :) Marcie

  5. I have those 7fam shorts, they are SUPER short fyi!

    I love the flowering pasture blouse! It looks so casual chic! perfect for summer!


  6. I've been eyeballing the Flowering Pastures blouse myself - so chic and pretty. Unfortunately I don't think it is as "vivid" IRL as the web shots make it out to looking like.

    Most of my true loves are more recent releases as well, so no luck in scoring them on sale anytime soon. I still "managed" a few sale purchases though.

  7. AnotherFish - too funny that you did the same thing!

    Marcie - Thanks Lady! The cardi definitely grew on me.. I was afraid of it being too cropped at first, but now I think I like it better because of that!

    MsHark - noted... I'll most likely buy cheaper shorts from AE or Hollister since they will be solely for wkds(obv).. but that's the style I like most at the moment. I need to check the inseam details I prefer 3".. 2" is too short (and HS-ish) and anything longer hits me at weird spot because I'm a midget...

    Lisa - Yeah, I read the reviews on Anthro's site about it... sounds like its super sheer and really light - regardless the web pic is gorg!


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