Monday, May 3, 2010

Accessorizing Fun - Kitchen Edition

Now that the kitchen is complete -  in terms of big renovations and things requiring wet saws and elbow grease - it's time to add some finishing details. We are now on the hunt for bar furniture, kitchen rugs, and some fun decorative accessories...

I'd love to get a new runner-esque rug to put over by the dog bowls.  The current 2x3 mat isn't long enough to contain Penny's food bowl...  Hopefully with a longer rug her bowl would stop being pushed all over when she eats and ending up in my OOTD pics...

Such a slob, that little Peanut....

I also am trying to figure out a way to hang those plates I caved for at Anthro on the right side of the slider.  They have a bit of a lip on the underside so a 3M Command strip isn't going to cut it... ideas??

Next, I would like to get a matching rug to either put in front of the sink and maybe one in front of the island...
Spot The Nutty...

Kind of like Kristen Bell's...

Then, obviously, some bar stools to place on said rugs.  While I kind of like Miss-Dax-Shepard-to-be's white stools, the Husband and I are most likely going to go with black.  I think white would get scuffed easily and might be too matchy matchy. 

Powell Antique Black 24" Counter Stool - AllBarStools.Com

I like that we will be able to tuck these backless stools under the drop leaf island counter, that they won't take up too much space, and that they will be easy to bring outside on the deck (or into the living room) when in need of extra seating.  Also some day in the far future, they will be easy to move around when a high chair is occupying their space (yep, I'm planner folks)...

Ironically enough, in my search for these new kitchen *Must Haves* I have been given the opportunity  by CSN Stores to do a product review.    I'm looking forward to seeing all this come together - stayed tuned for the review!


  1. Love it! Congrats, it looks great.

  2. I've been looking into doing a wall full of plates and found these...

    I haven't tried them yet, but I like that they give a clean look that plate brackets won't.

  3. Not sure if yall have a Hobby Lobby where you are...but they make these round flat adhesive plate holders with a small silver hook (in the framing section) that I always use. Just be sure to let them sit the recommended time before hanging! I have various sizes of plates hanging in my dining room and its been a great product-each size will say what weight it can hold and they are just a few bucks each. BTW, I really enjoy your pics are gorgeous!


    I use these. They work great and come in different sizes and are also adjustable. I get mine at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes I can find them at Walmart in the craft section.

    Good luck and the Kitchen looks great!


    I just found this website too that you can order them off of. She as all kinds of stuff.

  6. Everything looks amazing and I love the plans for the new stuff also. I especially love that you're a "planner" ;o)

  7. Thanks everyone!!

    TTAD, JennyR, & Katie - thanks so much for the plate suggestions! I'm definitely going to make a trip to Michael's (my nearest craft store) and see what they have -but I'll bookmark all the links :)

    Jess - Always thinking ahead... even if its a hypothetical ahead, I'm thinking about it haha :)

  8. the kitchen looks great! I love home decorating.


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