Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Write that down...

As an A-Type personality with a hint of nerdiness, I'm a big time list maker.    Groceries, To Dos, To Buys, To Pack, To Clean, you name it and I write a list about it.

Typically I use a little notebook that I take with me almost everywhere, but I also have multiple random note pads throughout the house just in case something pops up at a random time...

If you're a big list maker here are some cute little notebooks and stationary finds I wanted to share. 

Vines Papaya Chartreuse Saddle Stitch Journal - Paper-Source $9.95

Elephant Poo Poo Paper Journal - Target $12.99
(seriously... that's its official product name)
 Spiral Bound Iridescence Bird Series (80 pages) - Celery Street $4.99

Personalized Pink Flowers Notepad Stationery (50 sheets) - Etsy Seller sweetlifepaper $13

Orange Floral Pocket Journal - Etsy Seller Studio827KC $12

(is it just me or do you think this would make the cutest Food Diary ever??)

Very Important Things To Do list - Etsy Seller paperbyforgetmenot $5

Handset Antique Wood Type Notepad - Etsy Seller papermonkeypress $25

Big Paw Notepad (75 sheets) - Etsy Seller FancySchmancyNotes $15
(Proceeds go to Rescuzilla!!)

Multicoloured leaves hardback notebook (80 pages)  - Etsy Seller mkav $7

Are you an obsessive compulsive list maker???


  1. Cute! Amber would love this... haha...

  2. Those are very cute! I can relate, my husband makes fun of me because I write our grocery store list down in order based on the path I take through the store...I have the layout of our normal grocery store memorized. It sounds crazy but it saves time :)!

  3. Haha, I thought the same thing Justine

    Southern Chic - I do the same thing! Not necessarily in the supermarket floor plan, but I section everything off. All papergoods in one area, dairy in another, veggies, breads, etc. That way when I'm in the pasta/bread/rice aisle I don't miss anything. My mom always did this, so I guess I just picked up the habit...

  4. How cute! I love notebooks and fun papers. While I'm not a huge list maker, I have tried so many times (with varied success) to get into that habit. The "all done satisfaction tick" at the bottom of the "Very Important Things" notepad is adorable.

  5. I too have fallen in love with numerous notebooks on Etsy. I have two in my purse, two on my desk at work, one on my bedside table at home and one stuck to my fridge. I clearly don't need more... but they're so cute!!

  6. Haha Kelsey - I also have the purse, coffee table, fridge, and nightside notepads... And a drawer full of back ups in the office!

  7. I am a HUGE list maker. I carry a little mead notebook with me, and a day planner and they are both always filled with lists.

    I really like the Oink one.

  8. Count me in as another fellow list maker! If I don't have it written down then it doesn't get accomplished. And I'm constantly updating lists and making new ones as things come to me. I'm liking the idea of the Oink food diary:)


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