Thursday, April 15, 2010

[Window Shopping] Garden Party

I may not have the greenest thumb, but I wouldn't classify it as black.  Maybe "yellow", like my green growing abilities are still young and riping, like a banana. 

Either way, April Showers bring May Flowers and here are some super adorable gardening tools, accessories, and naturally some clothes to encourage those babies to bloom.



(obviously not for use in the garden, but definitely "garden inspired"... and a great place to store your baubles while you're getting dirty)

Do you love to garden or would you rather not ruin your manicure?


  1. Such cute Spring finds! I especially like the polka dot flower pots (which look like an easy DIY project) and the lemon wreath from WS. Very fun.

  2. Thanks Suzanne! I'm obsessed with your painted/stenciled pots... when I get some time I'm definitely going to attempt to 'recreate' them for our house :)

  3. I don't have a green thumb either, but I am working on improving my gardening skills. :) Love your spring garden picks. The bird jewelry dish is precious!

  4. omg I love the garden labels!!! I need those for my garden

  5. Diary of a Shopper - Luckily I haven't really killed anything too badly yet, but I just really haven't tried too hard. Last year I just mixed and matched, I might try to have some method to madness this time around ;)

    Amber - They have similar ones at Anthro, but I like to support/promote independent artists when I can. I think I might get a set for my StepMIL in Mother's Day. Soo cute right?

  6. i like the garden labels too! they are so creative! I also like the lemon wreath that would certainly spruce up any home.
    Great post!


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