Friday, April 2, 2010

[Window Shopping] Break for Sunshine & Anthro

Whenever the weather is gorgeous, I feel the need to take a real lunch break - you know, one that includes actually leaving the office and being outside for more than the 2 minutes of going to my car, grabbing something to eat, and returning to my cubicle. 

I've sort of made a habit last month of heading my local Anthropologie once a week to satisfy my need to be in the car with the sunroof open and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air. Yesterday was no exception.

While I'm well aware of the current sales from stalking the website, I normally head to the sale rack in the back of the store first just for the random find that something is marked down that I didn't expect.  Then I peruse the store while having a crazy war of internal dialogue of why $88 for a top is ridiculous and that I should walk away.... 

Here are all the things I've been repeatedly placing my grubby little mits all over...

(I didn't realize this was the same top when I saw it in-store, the stock photo does no justice!)


(just perfect for a Phils game!)

perfect for my new effort of adding more color and more prints... two birds, one stone

...prep heaven, my name is all over this when it actually goes on sale

::sigh::... I <3 this

Happy Friday Readers!!


  1. Well, if you visit my blog you can predict that I am going to swoon over the cardigans! I also like the first tank (the one whose photo doesn't do it justice). I've been very good, staying out of Anthro recently. I usually stop in at some point before the summer really starts, though, to pick up a few cute summery items.

  2. I'm trying not to look at anthro because I know there is so much I will want. I am a sucker for their pretty, easy summery tees.

  3. uch, that last cardi is too cute! must resist!

  4. 說「吃虧就是便宜的人」,多半不是吃虧的人。..................................................

  5. i saw the purple top friday when I visited and i totally oogled over it a good few minutes. I love the design and how light and airy it is. I did walk away as I am waiting to use my bday card later this month :)


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