Monday, April 5, 2010

Travel [Wardrobe] Itinerary

With two California vacations coming up I've decided to put my OCD to work and plan out my packing list (aka: wardrobe selections!)....

Always looking for an excuse to shop, I've paired each of these three travel days around items I've been lusting over, but to keep the spending in line, I've picked only 1 new item per day and planned the rest of my look around things I already have hanging happily in my closet.

My first trip is a long weekend to Los Angeles with my Momma (Hi Mom!), my Grandmother turned 90 (!!) last month and we are heading out to visit and celebrate.   Turns out my mom has been doing some major social calendar planning behind my back and now our little visit with Grandma has turned into a mini-family reunion slash visit with old friends.  I may just be tagging along with some vintage hippies all weekend, but that's just a better reason to plan out what I'm wearing... you know, since mom's love to "show off" their 27 year old children....

Game Plan:  Keepin' it SoCal Chic and limiting myself to 1 carry on bag (gasp!)
(ps... look at me prettying up my paper dolls!)

Day 1: Travel Day
Staying comfy and practical, but avoiding the bum look while rocking Anthro's Sea Epitome Tee (still have to yet to purchase).  Layers are essential on 5+hr cross country flights...
Day 1 - Travel
Day 2:  Cali Chic
I'm going with my best Lauren Conrad impression here...
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Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirls

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Biting off LC's Casual California style, I'm going with tried and true dark wash skinnies and pairing them with a flowy tank (Anthro's Liquid Bouquet Tank - again, still have yet to purchase), but the springy punch of color will be great for visiting with G-Ma, shopping with my Mom's Bestie, and out for our Cali Trip Dinner Ritual -Mexican!
Day 2 - Out & About

Day 3: Celebration Time
A Special Birthday Luncheon for the 90 years young Birthday girl requires a cute (and easy peasy to pack) spring dress.  I had been eyeing this dress at Urban since February.  It was originally $68 and now is on sale for $39.99. However, you can use code UOUOUO for 10%  off - score! (thanks for the tip Chloe!)
Day 3 - Party People

In addition to my J.Crew Marjorie Metallic Flats (shown in the sets above), I'll be bring along sandals similar-ish to these (mine are sans rhinestones)
Flight home day will probably be a little less cute considering we will be waking up at the ass crack of dawn and flights heading east are always killer from losing time.  Leggings, oversized v-neck tee, cardigan (natch!) and my Chucks...

What do you guys think? 


  1. I think its perfect!
    Thats why I love living here. It works for me because I love the laid back Southern California style. Its so casual-cute.

    BTW I really like that first anthro top! I didn't see it at mine today. I did end up buying the Chantico top, its so pretty, but the price made me cringe. literally.


  2. i like the gray bag!

  3. Love the sets, so fresh!
    Lucky you, going to Cali twice, I love it there and miss it so much! It's a fantastic state, something for everyone :)

  4. MsHark - my mom is a born and raise LA girl and I some how inherited the 'Cali State of Mind' through the womb. When I was 3 my teachers and neighbors called me "the little valley girl" because I was already abusing the work "like" haha.

    I love living on the East Coast, but Cali Style is definitely my obvious fab (laid back casual)

    Jade - ahhh my beloved Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini - I scored her for 60% Off at an After Xmas RM Sample Sale, been together ever since.... :)

    Andi- Come our trip in June, I'll have been there 3x in the last year :) Throw in the Hawaiian Honeymoon - and its been a spectacular year of travel!

  5. You do have a way with making me smile ;)

  6. I am not even an LC fan, but her outfits are pretty much my summer staple - skinnies with flats or flops and a flowy tank!

    love your outfit planning, and a trip to Cali is definitely justification enough for a few new clothing items!

  7. you planned some great outfits! have fun on your trip :) now I'm heading to Urban's site to see if I can put that discount code to use!

  8. SimplyMe - Welcome!

    Mandee - I love LC's style, she always looks great, but is rarely 'overdressed' or done up (unless its an event). Her and Rachel Bilson are my day-to-day fashion faves....

    CL- There is actually some great stuff at Urban right now... sometimes they are totally hit or miss for me... can't wait to see what you get :)

    PS - sorry for all my spelling errors in my comment above, sheesh...


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