Thursday, April 8, 2010

Styling my Anthro... Housewares

Yesterday (Wednesday) Kim over at Anthroholic posted her weekly feature Reader Outfits.  It was an especially inspiring batch and I had commented that I had been wanting to send a submission, but after seeing these ladies do up their Anthro items I felt I need to try a little harder.

Sweet Kim responded and told me to send them anyway... sooo, since I'd really love to send her my LC inspired travel outfit with the Liquid Bouquet Tank, that obviously is not here yet, I'm thinking of sending these over!
How I Styled my Anthropologie Dinnerware

That's right, the WaxWork Plate was the perfect fit for my little kitchen decor project. 

I ordered these Nesting Herb Crates from Etsy seller WhiteWashed Sundries back in February.  Although, I first stumbled upon her etsy shop after Young House Love sponsored a giveaway, I didn't notice the crates until Amber had showed us her Flowers of the Week in her set.
photos via Amber's Notebook

I had asked where she found the cute crates and she said she saw them featured on The Lettered Cottage.  After putting my search skills to work, I saw the 'Lettered Couple' purchased them through Whitewash Sundries and here we came full circle. 
photo via TheLetteredCottage

I didn't have the room or need for all 4 crates so Sarah was able to create a custom listing for me for the crate sizes I needed.  The 'Rosemary' crate is large enough to hold two $1 Ikea Plants, but the 'Sage' container threw me for a loop.  I loved how 'The Lettered Couple' used to them to store and decorate with serving dishes and plates.  Since the crate is only 8" wide, I was having a tough time finding the right plate to fit.

I had admired the color and pattern of WaxWork Plate for weeks at my local Anthro and when I saw it marked down to $3.95 last Tuesday I figured I'd give it a try.  The website said it had a 7.5" diameter so I had high hopes and was THRILLED when it fit.  Only problem was that it was virtually hidden.  So I took the sheet of craft paper the Sales Associate had securely wrapped it in and stuffed the bottom of the crate to raise the dish... waaa laaa - PERFECTION!

Are you readers often inspired by other bloggers for your own home decorating ideas? Any one think I should submit this to Kim? HAHA!


  1. omg I want those plates for mine!!! I have been trying to find the perfect plate to put in them! I love it!!!

  2. Do it Amber! I was in last week and almost bought another sale plate they had that was blue, white and yellow. When I got to the register I asked if they had a tape measure and found that it was bigger than 8" so I put it back hahaha... This one is perfect and I'm obsessed with the pattern.

    ... after my ban is over, I might go back and see if they still have enough for me to buy two full place settings for the island...

  3. you should definitely submit it!! it's such a great way to display plates, and I actually like it better how you mixed plants and plates.

    you make me want to re-do my room.....again! to make it more like that!! (i'm a student, I live at home, it's the only place I can re-do!!)

  4. thanks Mikaela... I really love our room, it makes me happy that other people like the way we decorated :)

    As for the crates, I love the pops and shades of green. Maybe I'll change it up here and there (esp. at the holidays), but for now its perfect look for spring/summer...

  5. ok cool I am going to check my store for them. I love the punch of color they add! So percectf for spring!!!

  6. If your store is out let me know, mine had a whole pile... it doesn't count as shopping for me if I'm shopping for others, right??


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