Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Fetch!

Recently some bloggers have been posting about Balmain's $1625 Slashed Army T-Shirt (true story)...

Aside from the water-spitting price tag, does this come to anyone's mind?

... it's probably due to my Mean Girls obsession (fav movie ever... seriously).

Check out.....

The Look 4 Less - for a MUCH cheaper alternative
...Love Maegan - for how to DIY your own Balmain inspired top
CocoPerez - general reaction of the overpriced tee


  1. this shirt costs $1625!!! that is insane. it just made me laugh. haha.

    i am now your new follower. follow me too?

  2. Haha love the title. I love Mean Girls too.

    I can't believe someone would actually pay for that shirt, let alone $1625. Crazy.


  3. I am DYING over here. I just hear Rachel McAdams saying, "Gretchen - stop trying to make "fetch"'s not going to HAPPEN."

  4. I can barely imagine buying a plain cotton tee for more than $30, let alone the equivalent of a rent payment+electricity+DSL+Dish. HURL.

  5. Thanks for commenting girls!

    I mean I admire fashion (even when wacky)but, whoever would pay that much for a slashed t-shirt should be shipped off to Africa with no food or clean water - then decide how to wastelessly spend their $ from then on....

  6. HAHAHA. I LOVE Mean Girls!

    I was just browing F21 and saw not only a t-shirt version of that, but a tank too. Oh the options!

    (The tank even has color choices! NICE!)


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