Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sample Sale - Rebecca Minkoff

For those readers who have been following since the beginning of the year, know I scored my beloved Rebecca Minkoff MAM on an online sample sale a few days after Christmas - at a 55% Off discount! And if you been on the fence about scoring a MAB, MAC, or Nikki, now you can!

For those of you in the NYC area, there will be Sample Sale at the 5th Ave showroom from Wednesday May 12 - Sunday May 16.
(click to enlarge)

For those of you unable to get to NYC for the savings, keep her online website on your radar.  Last time around the online sample sale happened about a month after the showroom.  I'll be sure to make an update if I see it go live online.


  1. I STILL love the MAM! One day when the price is right, maybe I'll get one. Sucks that I'm so far from t his sample sale. Blegh.

  2. I seriously need to live somewhere where there are sample sales. Because I want a MAB. BAD. I will be stalking the site per your suggestion! Thanks for the tip! And snagging one of those beauties at 55% off?! That's such an amazing deal!

  3. 10Years - me too gf, carry it everyday! Then again, I'm not a "bag" girl. I'll use the same one for close to year before getting interested in buying another and switching it up :)

    Amy - keep checking the online site, I got mine on her online sample sale (and sometimes they have her stuff on ruelala and the like). Aside from my amazing deal on my wedding dress, this was one of my biggest bargains, I'm proud of it like most people are their children hahaha...


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