Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Packing Light & Celebrity Sight

Well, I did it.  I packed one bag... and not a rolly-small suitcase carry-on style bag (that would have been too easy), but a backpack bag.

large backpack and oversized handbag - CHECK!

Since I strategically pre-planned my packing list (catch up here), I knew there wasn't too much to bring along.

the daily breakdown

I also packed up some baubles and reduced my toiletries to samples and 'travel' sizes.



It was a heavy back pack, but it sure was nice not having to drag wheeled luggage around through crowded terminals and narrow plane aisles. 

I met my momma at the airport, we snacked on some iced lattes and baked goods before boarding our non-stop flight to LAX.  I saved my InStyle when it arrived last week, so I would have something to read.

InStyle May 2010 Issue (image via JustJared.com)

Typically I skip the "beauty" reads.  Articles touting $150 eye creams and hair serums for 'perfect curls' just aren't something I'm vastly interested in - show me the latest handbags, heels, and hot pants (?) sorry, I'm a sucker for alliteration if you haven't noticed.  However the leading article "150 Best Beauty Buys" was a great read.  Admittedly, I do use a lot products they ranked since I obsessively check reviews on websites, blogs, and message boards before committing to new products, but it was nice to read that other (ahem.. cheaper) items made their list too.

Ironically enough, as I was flipping through my read and debating over swiping my credit card for $6 (live!)DirectTV, an older flight attendant decided that "I look like I would know..."

....don't you just hate questions that begin that way?  You know you're being profiled for something, but you're so embarrassed about what the person is potentially thinking... you know what I mean??

...well, the flight attendant thought 'I looked like I might know.... what movies Scarlett Johansson has been in?'

As I immediately drew a blank (from the aforementioned fear of what in the world a 60something woman thought a 20something -alright potentially teen-aged looking to her -would 'look like she would know') she proceeds to mention that SHE'S SITTING IN FIRST CLASS!

I always peek around when flying from the NYC area to LAX, but I've never noticed anyone famous before.  So as I'm trying to come up with movies that the lady has heard of, I looked down and saw Miss Johansson staring back at me.  I pulled up my magazine and said - "Oh! She's on the cover of my magazine..." and the flight attendant reaches in and says "I'll see if she'll sign it for you".

At this point, I'm kinda confused.  As a 27 year old, I'd never really ask a celebrity for their autograph (or picture for that matter) unless they were working.  I feel like the paparazzi is intrusive enough, that I don't need to be bothering them on their personal down time.

I also was wondering if the flight attendant thought I was a kid  ??

... and do I look like I would be a human database of celebrity movie trivia - because I totally am, if by celebrity movie trivia you mean celebrity gossip junkie...

She returned back and said she was told she couldn't ask.

It's too bad I didn't get to see a sighting, and even worse that I'm still unsure if her hunky husband was traveling with her!


  1. Holy crikey I don't know how my behavior would turn if I knew hot pants Reynolds was on board!! Great job packing though - that's a job well done and one I couldn't do, that's for sure!

  2. I know right?!... I doubt he was, since it seems like they never do anything in public together, but it would have been AWESOME if he was...

  3. LOL, this was hilarious to read. I am super jealous of your packing skills, but you can be jealous back that Ryan Reynolds was filming a movie on my college campus a few years ago while I went to school there. He was shooting right outside of a class I was in so I would go early to sit and stare.

    PS You look like you would know...

  4. PPS I seriously had no idea he was married to SJ. I like to avoid tuning in to marriage news of hot celeb guys because it kills the mental fantasies I entertain myself with at work all day.

  5. OMG so awesome! Too bad she couldnt ask to sign it. I love the way Scarlett looks on that magazine!

  6. Wow you packed so efficiently! I am seriously impressed!!

    Cool that Scarlett was on the same flight! My dad has been on flights to L.A. with Paris Hilton, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Anniston... its nuts. He flies ALL the time from Miami or JFK to L.A. so it figures!

    I saw Chris Rock once in Beverly Hills, he was two feet away from me at a park we brought my nieces to... lol!

  7. OMG and I HAVE to add that I had *MY* InStyle at the time in the car while we were at that park Chris Rock was at... later that day I flipped through my magazine and there was 4-5 pages dedicated to Chris Rock "man of style"! I didn't bug him though.

  8. Kelsey - ohh jealous... Bradley Cooper is filming in Philly right now with Robert DeNiro.. only time I wish my office was still there haha.

    and yeah, they are suck a under the radar (and random) couple...

    Jennifer - yeah, but I guess they are supposed to be 'professional'. She kept saying "how different" she looked then the cover picture haha...

    Ms.Hark - That's too funny about Chris Rock. I wouldn't have bothered him either - maybe taken a cellphone pic from a distance, but that'd be it haha.

  9. That was HIlarious. I would have totally sauntered into the first class bathroom...what are they going to do - kick you out? Psshhh...ok...I'll just walk slooooowly back to my seat... :)

    Ryan Reynolds is sssssmokin'.

  10. So cool! Definitely a bona fide true celeb sighting-could you tell what SJo looked like IRL?

    And your packing is amazing, very impressed! I've always wanted to pack light ::drifts off::

  11. As I was reading your post I have the exact same InStyle magazine open in front of me! I'm reading it as I play around on my computer lol! That's a bummer you couldn't get her autograph :(


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