Thursday, April 8, 2010

[OOTD(s)] Shameless Self Portraits

Last Friday I thought I'd get a wee bit festive and dress up like an Easter Egg....
image via

ok ok, not literally readers, but I couldn't help but feel that way wearing my minty J.Crew Jackie.

This was my no-effort "Anthro outfit" I considered sending to Kim.... see what I mean when I say I need to try a bit harder...
And since I'm wearing the Tutu Tank, I naturally had to do my best ballerina impression... this photo alone shows my range and rhythm as a dancer....

... which is none readers, none.
Mint 'Jackie' Cardigan - J.Crew Outlet Spring '10
White 'Tutu Tank' - Anthropologie Spring '10
COH 'Fayes' - Smith Bros Spring '05 (...true story)
Coach 'Ashleen' Flats - Macy's '08ish
Pearls (wrapped twice) - Vintage (Grandma's)

Today there was less dancing, but after wearing my "bumble bee" look two weeks ago, I went ahead with some grey and yellow action that was suggested by you readers.  However, I'm not wearing the 'Veronica' Seychelles, since they are more mustard yellow and the top I'm wearing is more bright sunny fluorescent yellow.
Yellow and White Trim Tank - The Limited Spring '07
Grey Melanie Button-Cuff Cardigan - J.Crew Fall '08
7FAM A-Pockets - South Moon Under Spring '08
Coach 'Ashleen' Flats - Macy's '08ish
Lucite Beaded Necklace - Ann Taylor Holiday '09

I've also started using the self timer setting that takes 3 shots, but like a dumbass, I'm really ill timed and took my side shot off beat then started walking back on the last...  someday I'll get the hang of it.....

For the next set I was able to get enough time to get the Peanut in the picture....



  1. Cute!! we are so smart combining grey and yellow!
    I heart the ballerina pic!
    And umm that egg suit is pretty darn cool.

  2. I love that Anthro tutu tank!

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  4. sorry, I made a typo!

    I love the necklace in the second outfit! It really picks up the grey and the yellow somehow, pretty.

  5. Bahhaa Amber! I knew you'd love the egg.. I was actually going to make some sort of reference your undying love of holidays, but couldn't think of a good one haha..

    CL - me too! I've worn it so many times already, and plan on wearing it again this wkd!

    MsHark - its funny I got the neck after xmas from AT, but have since starting wearing it less frequently because I always feel like the sparkly-ness of it screams "holidays"... but I was soo happy with how it looked today, I think maybe because I tied the ribbon back so it would sit higher up ?? I dont know, but I'm glad it's working :)

  6. Love that minty green cardi and grandma's pearls, how cool!!
    Your outfits look great and so do you!!

  7. Love the lucite necklace and tiered top! Peanut is just too cute--I have an interesting sleeping pic of my Boston under my what's coming up post:)

  8. LOVE the mint cardi!! I'm going to be heading to my nearest JCrew Outlet soon, so hopefully I'll see this there! Your outfits are great!

  9. Andi - the pearls are play, but they are still 'vintage' bc lord only knows how long g-ma had them haha...

    SweetTea - Can't wait to see your Boston!

    Jamie - my Outlet had a TON of jackies and in sooo many colors to choose from... it was hard deciding!

  10. I love the grey and yellow! And I love Penny. SO much.

  11. HA. Animated dorky awesomeness. That's what I do. It's also the Microsoft GIF Animator, which is super old and completely cumbersome to use. :(

    You look great, and Peanut is SO CUTE!

  12. Penny is The Girlfriend, Girl-23... 'The Girlfriend'...

    Chloe - cumbersome or not, your animated pics are a crack up!


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