Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitchen Clean Up: Weekend Update

Well readers, we did come home to a nice shiny countertop (and a humugo deep sink) on Friday, but a little progress was made on the cabinets.  The bottom cabinets received their first coat of paint, but the doors are still at the shop and upper frames are still waiting patiently in their primer.

Luckily, all the sanding is over, so I could finally wipe down the mess inside each of the cabinets and wash all our stemware, plates, tupperware, pots, pans, etc etc etc.... etc.

Regardless, we are now a Purple Free zone!
initially the counter looks "charcoal-y", until further inspection you see the pretty blues and browns

huge goose neck faucet... looks like its time to give Penny a bath!

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Canisters - (here)

Now, it may seem the kitchen went from 'Periwinkle Dream' to 'Blue Overload', but remember we are also getting a natural stone tile backsplash. so that blue wall between the counter and upper cabinets will be gone.  The tile is on backorder, so we have another 4 wks before that comes in.

And the winner last Friday was for me to bake some Chocolate & Butterscotch Chip Cookies... which I did yesterday afternoon...
I just used my go-to Toll House Cookie recipe, but something was up with the consistency of the cookie dough (I'm suspecting maybe I used the wrong butter - salted/unsalted.. not sure which made it way into the mixer).  So to get the dough a little thicker I added some extra flour and sugar.  They came out a little lighter in color (probably because the ratio of brown sugar was lowered), but still just as tasty.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Happy Monday!


  1. Very exciting E! Your fancy shmancy countertops look great!

  2. Soo pretty! Looks great and doesn't it feel so mice and clean? And you jar a penny to!? Love it! I think I spy the hubsand, lucky man to have you and those cookies! :)

  3. Thanks Andi!

    Amber - it feels great (I'm a total clean freak so the mess has been driving me wild), now we just need some drawers and cabinet doors so I can finish organizing.

    You do spy the husband, being a good little helper and dusting as I started the cookies :) and we have two jars - a Baxter and Penny, had to buy both, no favorites in this house!

  4. The granite looks gorgeous. It is going to look amazing once it is all done! I am going to try the nestle toll house recipe with butterscotch chips added. :)

  5. yay for granite! we have them and love them :)
    love the blue paint too!


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