Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It May Be a High of 91 Today, but the Freeze is On!

I'm sure many of you know where this post is going based solely on the image above....

Yes. That is Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) attacking her "frozen assets" with a stiletto.  Like many a blogger before me (Justine last month and Coley currently), I too am instating a self imposed Shopping Ban.

After my impulsive customer service gimme gimme gimme last night and some of the wardrobe updates I made throughout the last month (my new crazy belt collection, JCrew outlet finds, and my 'but I got them for 20%' shoes) it's now time for me to slow the spending. 

You see, I haven't only been swiping the AMEX for fashion, but I have been for both my upcoming trips, the husband's 30th birthday, and my upcoming Girls Day Out - amongst other things like, oh you know, that kitchen overhaul we have going on.....

While I'm not going to impose super strict restrictions, I will create some guidelines as I do better when there are set rules for me to follow.

1.  Stop buying lunch.   
I've always favored Peanut Butter and Honey....

For well over a year, the husband and I used to go home at lunch to let out the puppies and grab something to eat.  Now that the puppies are older, and well, not small bladdered puppies... I've started having lunch at the office, but only after running up the street to buy something first.  This will be the 1st "spending" habit I'm going to kick.

2.  No more clothes... sorta
This clearly needs a clarification as I said the rules weren't going to be super strict.  I will not buy anything that I already have something similar to in my closet.  No more shorts, no more cardigans, and, definitely, no more denim!  Any items purchased must be <$50 and fall into the "OMG I HAVE NOTHING LIKE THIS AND NEED THIS NOW!" category.

3.  No more skincare/make up
I do have a haircut scheduled for this Saturday, so aside from that expense I will not buy shampoo and conditioner, makeup, or moisturizer, until I am fully out of what I'm currently using.  I don't care if Sephora is offering 15% off from April 8-19.  If I'm not "out" of something I will not buy backups (as I'm known to do).

4.  No excuse shopping for the Husband
As a sale junkie, I'm known to make excuses. "Ohhh Banana Repubic is offering 25% off again... well, Husband could use a new pair of jeans and maybe I'll just buy that fun necklace too since I'm getting Free Shipping and have some BR Dollars to use".... or "DSW Triple Points days?.... Husband needs new work loafers and look how cute those caged booties are that I'll probably never wear" -- and returned the day after they arrived..... 

More simply stated - No more using shopping for the Husband as an excuse to shop for myself....

5.  No more household decor
While there are still things I want to do to the house, there isn't anything that can't wait.  I will consider exceptions to this rule if I'm attempting a DIY project, but our weekends are soo busy the next month hopefully I won't have time....

Shopping ban starts now - 4/7 and will extend through the Husband's birthday 5/10.  Again, I will obviously be paying bills and spending money on pre-planned events, but the friviolous stuff mentioned above is being cut back.  I think my limitations are reasonable....

Have you ever imposed a shopping ban?  Did you follow through or was not being "allowed" to shop make you want to more??


  1. Good luck with your ban. I've done a shopping ban, but the longest I've gone is three weeks. It's hard.

  2. We are in one right now :-) I will be blogging about it, trust me!

  3. Good luck, love! I hope you're more successful than I was (I'm still boasting my 3-4 week draught, but I can't say I did better than that, haha).

  4. Good luck! I like your plan. I always pack my own lunch and the Husband. I think it cheaper, more environmentally friendly and I feel like i can contorl what i eat more when I know what went into my lunch.

    Oh and I too am a BIG honey and peanut butter fan! YUM! I want one now =)

  5. Thanks Everyone!

    I think since I set some rules around specific spending areas and that its not a total "NO BUYING" ban I might be able to do it with minimal hiccups. We'll see I guess haha

    Amber - I just finished one now, tasty!

  6. Go you! I'm kinda in the middle of re-banning myself. I did this a few months ago with great success, then fell off the wagon, and need to get back on track.

    The lunch thing is surprisingly hard but I just recently realized how much money I actually spend by stopping for coffee on the way to work and then going out for lunch. Ouch!

    GL!! :)

  7. Good luck, you can do it! I think the thing that saves the most is eating out for sure. We save so much money when we limit our eating out.

    I am putting myself on a shopping ban until I get to China. Well - I have a Lululemon gift card coming in the mail, so besides that and *maybe* a pair of gold and wood bangles I want... I am going to be on a shopping ban, too. About 2 years ago I made a budget in excel and I find it really helps me stay on track.

    you can do it! & I love your belt collection.


  8. Thanks MsHark... and I'm all good on the tracking what I spend - I rarely admit this "geeky" tidbit, but I'm a financial analyst and the hubs is a CPA, haha -what a fun couple right!?!

    Thats actually how I know that I need to cut back, I was really good post wedding with not really buying any clothes, but only spending money on the house (bedroom mainly) for either completing our registries and bc we had put a lot off bc of the wedding. Then Spring started and I've gone crazy trying to give my closet a good updating.

    Now I just need to sloooow it down... we have soo much planned between two trips, the kitchen, birthdays and other events that I should be saving my money for those things instead buying a *another* t-shirt (looking at you Sea's Epitome Tee) Haha!

  9. not so much of a "shopping" ban as a "spending freeze"

    it was hard, but sorta fun when we made it a competition. i think i lost by $15.

  10. it is tough! we are doing the not going out to dinner so much as well as the shopping ban. It seems that out of pure well laziness we go out to eat. It starts with our lack of food shopping and then when Wednesday comes around and we have no food oopps order pizza! It is awful and wasteful so it is stopping now for us too! As for the shopping issue that is more me then the husband. I can not resist a deal and not only that but I like to buy it all. If I can get one pair of shoes for 30% off why not buy three? Terrible logic! Anyways we should start a club :)

  11. Good luck, doll! It aint easy, but I keep telling myself it's for the best :)

    I've been bringing my lunch to work for some time now...only eating out once every week or so. Hubs and I make a huge pot of chili or a large portion of eggplant parm and take bit of that for lunch.

    Sending you willpower!

  12. Heather - I think my ban is similar to your freeze in the list you provided, just cutting back on frivilous not really necessary things...

    LTBetsy - We already only do dinner out 1 month at most, it may be sad, but our favorite 'date' is Friday night in with an awesome fish dinnerm, wine, and netflix! (its really only because we hate leaving the puppers after we have been at work all day). I have the same 30% off Lets Buy 3 logic.. haha!

    Coley - mmmm eggplant parm, you're talking my language now!

  13. ps... that 1 is supposed to be "once".. once a month, not 1 month - that'd be sorta sad!


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