Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to search: Label Glossary

As I mentioned in my last post, the blog is starting to spurt off in multiple directions of online shopping, fitting room reviewing, general item obsessing, sometimes traveling, meat-less cooking, home snazzing up-ing, and who knows where it's heading next....  I sure don't....

In a effort to keep things organized (Type A personality here folks) I try my best to "label" my posts for easy referencing in case anyone (or myself) needs to re-find a post or wants to read something similar. 

I thought since the list of "Labels" - located at the bottom of this blog - is growing I'd take a moment to define them that way if you're strictly here for "Window Shopping" as opposed to "Playing Home Improvement" you know where to look.

**Store and Brand Labels are omitted from this glossary, as they are clearly self-explanatory.

award shows:  home to all Award Show fashion reviews and roundups

cookies:  I bake cookies. I eat cookies. I dream of cookies.   ...seriously and all found here

coupon code:  past and present coupon codes and online shopping tips and tricks

crafty lady:  my attempts at DIY

fashion disaster:  trends I hate, or potentially anything worn by Lindsay Lohan

financial fashion 101:  putting that degree to work by showing off the mathematical breakdowns of what I call a "deal"

Giveaways:  woot woot!  stayed tuned!!!

holidays:  not a brand or store, but clearly also self-explanatory

home decorating:  someday I'll get a more clever name for this, until then, this is where you can find all housewares and home decorating ideas and inspirations

kitchen clean up:  a 'playing home improvement' sub-project, check here for our kitchen transformation

master makeover:  a 'playing home improvement' sub-project, check here for our master bedroom transformation

OOTD:  Outfit of the Day

painting:  our house has great bones and some ugly walls... therefore we paint. 

Paper Doll Polyvore:  I like to play with paperdolls - except they aren't dolls and just image files of things I want to wear saved to polyvore... check them out here

playing dress up:  a combination of fitting room reviews, trying things on, and any other dressing up this is not my OOTD

playing home improvement: chronicles of our home renovations and transformations

playlist:  what's jammin' on the iPod 

poll:  umm... well, polls! 

puppers:  I'm a proud woofy-momma... make baby kissy-faces and "awwws" here

randomness:   yup... the remaining miscellaneous posts that have no other home... kind of like this one! 

Real Deal and Awesome Steals:  my attempt for finding lookalikes on a budget

recipe share:  served on Sundays...

sales:   addicted to sales.... its like kryptonite

shoe whore:   show me a girl who isn't.....

Shop My Closet:  infrequent feature of trying to find good clothes good homes...

shopaholic:  real life purchases I make, sometimes there are quite a few - whoops! 

SQUEE:   anything worth getting totally excited over

tech toys:  for those few entries that don't belong to clothing and housewares

travel:  believe it or not, sometimes we leave home

trends: anything related to trends - discussing them, buying them, scouring for more 'wearable' versions of them...

wedding:   wedding related - mine, others, etc.

window shopping:  any posts where I 'online shop' and link items I'm coveting...

wino aficionado:  'red red wine, you make me feel so fine' and yeah, sometimes I talk about it....

wishlist:  a feature I posted on Wednesdays during the holiday season of all things I wanted to find under the tree... also just things in general that I want (gimme now!)


  1. Great idea!! Love all of your categories :)

  2. You crack me up!

    PS I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

  3. Wow you are organized. I thik mine glossery would be like baseball, ketchup and everything else. lol j/k

    yay for giveaway and lots more fun posts!
    oh maybe I would have a "yay for_____" one too.

  4. very cool. I started to do something similar on my blog but not quite as specific just yet. I usually post things that either I created so things I made or things others made things I found. It does certainly help! I love being organized!

  5. Haha, thanks girls... and yes, I'm bit OCD if you haven't noticed.

    I figured it might be helpful to have a link to this post in my sidebar for people who are strictly visiting for clothes and shopping vs home improvements, etc that way they can find want they want easier...

    and Amber - glad you caught that!! ;)

  6. Awesome Lables!
    I've given you award btw. You can check it out on my blog at liveandlovek.blogspot.com



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