Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goin' Goin' Back Back to Cali Cali

So after we arrived in LA, we picked up the car, dropped our stuff at the hotel, and headed to dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant.... Don Antonio's.

Sound familiar?... yeah, its also a favorite spot of the couple everyone loves to hate - Speidi.

After some yummy fish tacos, we moved on to the Westside Pavilion.  It's a small-ish (for L.A.) mall, but it's close to Grandma's and there is a Nordstrom and a See's Candy so it works for us.

My mom was hunt for.... god, what wasn't she on the hunt for - shoes, jeans, handbag, bracelet you name it!...   I stuck to my shopping ban only buying a box of See's Lollis and small box of truffles to "share" with the husband.  A good wife can't come home without some treats, right??

My mom was able to make a few scores.  A marked down summery yellow handbag at Macy's and some jewelry at F21 (at my request).  I'm not a lover of F21 clothing, but you can't be the prices on the cute and trendy jewelry.  Costume jewelry at Nordies or Macy's will run you 2-3x the amount you can pick up something for play at F21.  My mom was running around like a tween picking up the "SOOO Cool" necklaces, bracelets, and rings....  Valley Girl at heart...

Franco Sarto Chelsea II Tote

After spanning the mall we made our way back to the hotel, it was getting close to midnight EST which is way past our nerdy bedtime.

Friday morning we woke up early and I got dressed in my pre-planned polyvore travel set....

Melanie Button Cuff Cardigan - J.Crew
Liquid Bouquet Tank - Anthropologie
JBrand Skinnies - TJ Maxx (seriously!)
Metallic Blush Majorie Flats - J.Crew
Stormy Grey Morning After Mini - Rebecca Minkoff
Opal Disc Stretch Bracelet - South Moon Under
Coral and Gold Earring (can't see) - Banana Republic (no longer available)

A quick stop to Hillside Memorial Park, then we headed to Junior's Deli for breakfast.
Filled up on too many cups of coffee, chocolate chip pancakes (I'm a kid and can't resist), and some scrambled eggs, onion, and lox - which was sooo good.  I forget how much I love Jewish food sometimes... 
Cali Deli's are like NJ Diners... but only better!

After filling up we headed over to Century City, where the shopping far exceeds the Westside Pavillon.  I had a hard time resisting making a purchase in Zara, but the few things I would have broken the ban for weren't in my size - crisis diverted.  I did however by my mom her Mother's Day Present early, after she was happy with trying on some "Not Your Daughter's" Jeans (snicker) at Macy's.  We continued to walk off breakfast and enjoy the California sunshine.

After that we finally headed to Grandma's spent some time visiting then headed back to Don Antonio's to catch up with my mom's bestie since 8th grade and another middle school classmate.

Alas, no Speidi sighting this time either....


  1. Oh gosh, Speidi, hahaha... I've never even watch Laguna Beach/The Hills and feel like I know all about them! Mostly thanks to The Soup. Oh, Joel McHale! I agree with you on F21's jewelry. It's the right price for trendy trinkets!

  2. Looks like such a fun trip!
    That OOTD is simply divine!! Like, seriously.
    I LURVE it!

  3. Amy - you know all about them, bc they are famewh0res and they want everyone to know about them!... and Joel McHale, (sigh) tall, cute, and hysterical! The Soup may be my second favorite show behind LOST haha...

    Andi - Thanks Mama! I actually wore the same thing when we went wine tasting last weekend... I have a feeling this outfit (at least the top) will be in heavy rotation. Maybe I'll finally send my "reader outfit" to Kim at Anthroholic :)

  4. oh em gee how freaking cute are you! Love the outfit! And glad you loved your visit. I'm a CA girl through and through.

  5. Thanks 10Years! I used to visit LA every summer when I was kid (visits to g-mas -and Disney!) haha, then I hadn't been in over 10 years, come our trip to SF in June, I'll have gone 3x in a year - love it!

  6. How fun! I am axtaukky jealous haha! I love la. Looks like you did great with you shopping and had a blast! I love the outfit!

  7. Don't be too jealous Amber, it's not like I met Britney Spears or anything (lucky you!). And you mean lack of shopping, I only bought the See's Candy (I couldn't leave Cali without it!)


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